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Posted on Sep 23, 2013 at 03:50 PM

you are gracious. I want to film in usa. want to live there for 12 months. My needs is that projects to be completed. Swags for people on streets. Someone to buy 5 thousand and then given to those who need .. For me, is to empower others to become leaders of leaders. I want to see the USA and England. Produce films and documentaries. To get mentors and supporters for those who have dreams.   Thank you for asking. Although you have lost.. I have lost and I to empower people to live the life they were meant to. Not what others expect. Many scammer have approached me. The thing is I understand they want to make money, I just want them to live the life they were given a birth and make leaders of leaders which empower others to create their own dreams.   I was living on the streets as a child. Then I built and was well off, only to be used by others. The thing is that you never have to scam to find peace or real love.. I forgive them and move one. I take responsibility for my own life, now I create what I was born for. To assist others without wanting reward. It would be awesome to have wealth, but it pure wonder to assist others. I might be a person with nothing, although I created Educational Books to the Pacific from nothing, to passing the network which I built to Rotary after raising and sending over 98,000 books to those who needed to educate or a fire to warm themselves.   For me, I guess I stopped lately, as so many scammers have approached me.. wanting money from me, when I myself have nothing to give them. They prey on the emotions. And It has hurt me deeply, that they cannot live for their own dreams and take others away.   Sorry, I just tired of believing in people, through all the scammers around there, as how can I believe in others when so many scammers approach me. If any of those offers were ever real. I would spend money on others who are careers, people with cancer, heart conditions, giving people swags to sleep, a recover places for those who are finding it hard, just until they get on their feet again.   Thank you for reading who ever you are. I forgave you and all those before you. I know what it is liked to be raped, shot at, dying, losing a child, being blamed for things which were non of my doing, living from one moment to the next to having something and then realising that that was not who I am but what others wanted me to be. Living without financial and with. What made me is that what i am... I wanted money but not for myself, although i admite it would be great but to assist others is something more important.. Many think I am the crazy one. Maybe. Life is there for sharing and giving something back to others, gives you love compassion and real living by expaning your life.   I havewritten this.. and placed it here. Why. to make you think or gossip about what and who i am,  maybe ..or to let you know that there are many people who wantto have everything, but it does not fill the hole you have, when you are by yourself.. Giving and respecting others, forgiving them. Fills that hole. Scammers are the people who use your feeling for their advantage..They also take away as they wear down humanity in the individual. And they take away the most important thing.. HOPE from the individual.

Being more is what life is about being for others gives you presents. Being authentic in Love is who you are in the soul
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