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Posted on Feb 10, 2014 at 01:37 PM


Story of Time in appointments. Please comment and take a moment to feel what happened and see what your feelings are about this situation or any situation. recipient as well as participant.


Story. Man wanted to see woman.. Man said 10 am at a certain place. Woman agrees. Woman was early and waited but had other things to do. Should she stand around waiting for man. Two and half hours pass. Woman thought she was stood up so went around to do other things which was important. Man arrived 2 hours later. Then stayed around half hour then went home and complained about the woman not being there, all over the net. The time was specific 10 am. Was the given time, and agreed up on. He arrived 12 pm.. First meeting. How would you feel about this. Story.. it happened.


The male never gave his number for any phone calls..


 Question: Should the woman stick around? Question: Did the man have the right to abuse her about not being there?


Now. to complete the story. Man was an important person. Does he have the right to abuse her on line? Making out that he was the victim and say he was stood up and he likes punctual , and carry on....?


I find it all so interesting.. as many men complain about women, when men also do the same things.


So you rather be late for a meeting or early?


Does a doctor see you when you are late or early? Or on his time schedule?


What happens if your kept waiting even when you are on time?


How do you feel when he is never on time and what are your reactions?


Do you look rushed when you’re on time?


Or do you arrive a bit early to give yourself time to prune up and be on time?


Or do you like letting time go, to see what the other person does and why?


Have you any integrity?


She arrive early and was there on time.. she .. are you late every time? What is your explanation when you are before or late on the designated time?


And when you give a speech are you on time? Or are you there early going over your speech.. calming down and preparing so you can be on time?


Or do you rush in and look messed up and go out there with no prep, on time?


These are all valid questions.


Being late has no integrity, as you lose the confidence of people. It shows who you are. privately as well as business and etc


I might add, waiting around ..also shows who you are.




Being more is what life is about being for others gives you presents. Being authentic in Love is who you are in the soul
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Posted on Feb 12, 2014 at 06:24 PM

Wait time tops, 20 minutes.  Then move on.  The man who complained when the woman wasn't there when he arrived two hours late is an arrogant narcissistic fool.  Period. 


And, by the way, the same would be true had it been the man waiting and the woman showing up two hours late.


I say 20 minutes tops because a long life has taught me that people who are 15 or 20 minutes late -- never mind later than that -- for a first date tend to always be late.  Always focused 99% on their needs without considering the feelings or needs of others.  Better to be done with them BEFORE the getgo than to get involved and wind up feeling used and abused because of their chronic tardiness and thoughlessness.


Occasionally, there are legitimate reasons for showing up late.  But, in that case, the late arrival should be on the phone desperately trying to contact the person they're supposed to be meeting to explain.  If no cell phones are available, land line messages should be left in abundance! 


Oh, and I noticed one blogger asked why the woman didn't phone the man to ask where he was.  But, MysteryMaster made it clear that the offender did not give the woman a phone number so there was no way she could contact him. 

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Posted on Feb 10, 2014 at 10:13 PM

So what's wrong with someone making a phone call to the other person to ask " Well it's 10am and I'm here as planned. Where are you?"  

Or that other person making that phone call to say " Sorry but I'm running 2 hours behind schedule. Can you wait for me or can we meet up at another time".


**********************  What happen to common courtesy and respect for another's time!!????

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