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Blog title: Artists Lost
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It is Sad that we are losing many of our Artists.
So far this year 2013 we have lost 27... some not as well known as Chrissy.
Although all of them have had an impact on each one of us with their music and their friendships with us. I want to say that they left behind music and friendships th...
My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/mysterymastery
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Challenge give to those who have wealth and is missing somet 180 Views 03/14/15

You looking for someone... or something is missing.

Ok people... I been on here and you guys don't reply or move on.. or your apammers..
I have a great challenge for you, since your not like my profile.
You are all looking for a woman,,, or something is missing and you want and your got the money.. so now I want you to put your money where your mouth is or your skills to doing good.
Well Vanuatu is devastated and needs assistance in all aspects. Medical. Materials, building materials...cloths... water...
You have made your money.. want to show it off by having a Trophy partner.. me I am not into that..would love the attention, don't get me wrong...
I want you to consider assisting those in Vanuatu islands..
Rebuild the communities on all the islands which were hit by the cyclone this week..
Your task if you choose to take it on ..is one simple thing. Fill 10 containers of cloths ..blankets and food.... 3 containers of building supplies tore build houses for the islanders..and also send over moulds for bricks and mortar.. if you wish.. send it to me and ill give it to those who require it...
Books for reading and learning. Musical instruments ..Frames for beds.. or bunks... like the army has.. Give them something to look forward to...
as for me... well.. lets say I am doing this to give back to the communities of the islands again..
You can still call me big.. fat and ugly...  

As long as you give your skills for a week or three or even make other's aware of donating something, from time to listen, to councelioring ...


A category five tropical cyclone is battering Vanuatu, packing winds of up to 250 kilometres per hour and triggering flooding in parts of the country.

Vanuatu's northern islands were the first to feel the destructive force of Pam, the strongest storm to hit the nation of 270,000 people in nearly 30 years.

"We've seen villages that have just literally been blown away."

With these words, Chloe Morrison, World Vision's Vanuatu emergency response officer who sheltered in a colleague's cement house in Port Vila on Friday night, described the impact of the category five Cyclone Pam after it changed direction and made a direct hit on the archipelago.


These communities need your assistance..

follow the link to read the story then choose what you can do..or not to do




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dating on sites..issues 172 Views 02/23/14

If you're dating online, there's a tricky situation you should know about... And it's even important to you if you're
NOT dating online!

Read on:

Question from a Reader:

I have been dating a great guy for 1month. He says and does all the right things and appears to be very in to me.
He is very consistent with his texts andcalling patterns. I only return histexts and calls, very seldom initiate any call or text.

It does not appear that he is seeing anyone else. I speak with him almost every evening that we are not together.
We see each other twice per week. However, I do see that he is on a dating site ‘shopping’ or looking or something.
I am on the same site and when I go to his online profile he is online every few days. I am doing the same thing I
suppose but mostly to see if he is on.

I really like him and do not want to see other men. I am meeting others however no one is comparing to him and what we
have. I am likely engaging in more flirtatious activity than he is. I want an exclusive relationship with him prior to sex of course.

He may bring up being exclusive before I do but how do I bring up the online dating site shopping if he still continues after we are ‘exclusive’? Or do I mention it when I say that I only have a sexual relationship in an exclusive relationship? I do not want him to know I am spying on him because he would find this stalker-ish. What should I say when the sex/exclusive talk
comes up which will be really soon?….

I also feel odd about saying that I don’t think he or I are ready for exclusivity since we are on track with a really great dating relationship. I feel if I say that I am not ready for exclusivity he will either think its a game or that I am a player. When we areout I tend to get alot of attention and ....



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appointed appointment. Time place 69 Views 02/10/14


Story of Time in appointments. Please comment and take a moment to feel what happened and see what your feelings are about this situation or any situation. recipient as well as participant.


Story. Man wanted to see woman.. Man said 10 am at a certain place. Woman agrees. Woman was early and waited but had other things to do. Should she stand around waiting for man. Two and half hours pass. Woman thought she was stood up so went around to do other things which was important. Man arrived 2 hours later. Then stayed around half hour then went home and complained about the woman not being there, all over the net. The time was specific 10 am. Was the given time, and agreed up on. He arrived 12 pm.. First meeting. How would you feel about this. Story.. it happened.


The male never gave his number for any phone calls..


 Question: Should the woman stick around? Question: Did the man have the right to abuse her about not being there?


Now. to complete the story. Man was an important person. Does he have the right to abuse her on line? Making out that he was the victim and say he was stood up and he likes punctual , and carry on....?


I find it all so interesting.. as many men complain about women, when men also do the same things.


So you rather be late for a meeting or early?


Does a doctor see you when you are late or early? Or on his time schedule?


What happens if your kept waiting even when you are on time?


How do you feel when he is never on time and what are your reactions?


Do you look rushed when you’re on time?


Or do you arrive a bit early to give yourself time to prune up and be on time?


Or do you like letting time go, to see what the other person does and why?


Have you any integrity?


She arrive early and was there on time.. she .. are you late every time? What is your explanation when you are before or late on the designated time?


And when you give a speech are you on time? Or are you there early going over your speech.. calming down and preparing so you can be on time?


Or do you rush in and look messed up and go out there with no prep, on time?


These are all valid questions.


Being late has no integrity, as you lose the confidence of people. It shows who you are. privately as well as business and etc


I might add, waiting around ..also shows who you are.




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To the Scammers 194 Views 09/23/13
you are gracious.
I want to film in usa.
want to live there for 12 months.
My needs is that projects to be completed.
Swags for people on streets.
Someone to buy 5 thousand and then given to those who need ..
For me, is to empower others to become leaders of leaders.
I want to see the USA and England.
Produce films and documentaries.
To get mentors and supporters for those who have dreams.
Thank you for asking.
Although you have lost.. I have lost and I to empower people to live the life they were meant to. Not what others expect. Many scammer have approached me. The thing is I understand they want to make money, I just want them to live the life they were given a birth and make leaders of leaders which empower others to create their own dreams.
I was living on the streets as a child. Then I built and was well off, only to be used by others. The thing is that you never have to scam to find peace or real love..
I forgive them and move one. I take responsibility for my own life, now I create what I was born for.
To assist others without wanting reward.
It would be awesome to have wealth, but it pure wonder to assist others. I might be a person with nothing, although I created Educational Books to the Pacific from nothing, to passing the network which I built to Rotary after raising and sending over 98,000 books to those who needed to educate or a fire to warm themselves.
For me, I guess I stopped lately, as so many scammers have approached me.. wanting money from me, when I myself have nothing to give them. They prey on the emotions. And It has hurt me deeply, that they cannot live for their own dreams and take others away.
Sorry, I just tired of believing in people, through all the scammers around there, as how can I believe in others when so many scammers approach me.
If any of those offers were ever real. I would spend money on others who are careers, people with cancer, heart conditions, giving people swags to sleep, a recover places for those who are finding it hard, just until they get on their feet again.
Thank you for reading who ever you are. I forgave you and all those before you.
I know what it is liked to be raped, shot at, dying, losing a child, being blamed for things which were non of my doing, living from one moment to the next to having something and then realising that that was not who I am but what others wanted me to be. Living without financial and with. What made me ..me.. is that what i am... I wanted money but not for myself, although i admite it would be great but to assist others is something more important.. Many think I am the crazy one. Maybe. Life is there for sharing and giving something back to others, gives you love compassion and real living by expaning your life.
I havewritten this.. and placed it here. Why. to make you think or gossip about what and who i am,  maybe ..or to let you know that there are many people who wantto have everything, but it does not fill the hole you have, when you are by yourself.. Giving and respecting others, forgiving them. Fills that hole. Scammers are the people who use your feeling for their advantage..They also take away as they wear down humanity in the individual. And they take away the most important thing.. HOPE from the individual.
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My Story 78 Views 05/25/13

The past year I have assisted in establishing over 450+ projects, for people from nothing.

I know I said all those things which I personally want in my life..it is something i need to keep my sanity at times to want those things.

I am a female as you know, I have spinal situation/.

I created my life over again by re education of myself in... Screen and Media, Production, Music Business, Business , Pr and recording.

Te past ten thirteen years, I built up a network thought my own research of over90,000 Entertainment families. Not one cent came from anywhere.. As no one believed in me.

I have done 19 music videos for others , written two books, write blogs and empower many people. I have not been in the 'Limelight'. I taken photographs on many things since I was given my first box brownie..at the age a four.

I was ready and writing at the age of 2.

I sent over 100,000 books to the pacific for the communities over there, and gave that area of network to Rotary clubs in Sydney when they took it over in 2007. I established all that from not having a penny to my name.

Everything I have done was from nothing, no money, no one behind me.

I wanted someone to love me for me.. so I went on line

Now I am clarifying that I know what it is like to be well off and also when you have nothing.

I want to play ,, enjoy life, for people and established many things in those past years since my divorce in 2003.

I grew up all over the place and met many people, well known and not so.. I was raped in 2004 and had major surgery then and in 2011.

I assisted many people, yet when I need to be looked after..no one came..only three people out of the thousands ...

I am not a celebrity, or a well known star,, of business person.

When I worked in Telecom I was in fiance and accounting and handled million to the new infrastructure of cabling in and around Sydney and optical cable from NSW to Victoria.

The store guys nicked named me boots, as I was the one woman who went out in the field into their domain and seen how they worked, I even used a forklift..hence the name boots.

I have been with many artists, picking them up and empowering them to create their passions and dreams, admitting I have lost a few, through suicides.

I treat everyone with respect no matter who they are.

I give food to the street people when they are begging..as that will fill their stomics up or a warm blanket ,,,When I am able to do so.

I want a life where love is there for me. So I can curl up and just be.

When relationships are driven by complaint or by keeping track of who did what, or the need to be right, to control, the wonderful world of human possibilites ceased reverberate through them.* Possibilities between people require a space in which to create, and when that space isn’t there, most likely it’s because we’re holding on to something incomplete from the past.

Completing things comes down to a matter of getting beyond the “yeah buts” and “how ’bouts” and the “but ifs,” past our old assumptions about “the way things have been” and creating a context of our own choosing.When we experience things as beingcomplete, it’s a state change, from being a character in a story to being the space in which the stories occurs—to being the author, as it were. And because relationships exist in language (not just as a set of feelings or accumliation of experiences, for example), there’s a malleability, a plasticity, a can-be moved-around-ness about them. When we shift the locus of our dissatisfaction and complaints from something that exists “out there,” to something that’s located “in” what we are saying (language), what’s possible shifts.Being satisfied is not a feeling later labeled with the word “satisfaction,” rather it is a commitment, a stand we’re taking for that possibility. It’s a transformation—a contextual shift from being organized around “getting satisfied” to an experience of “being satisfied”—that alters the very nature of what’s possible.When we compromise, even in the tiniest of matters, it’s easier for those compromises to become more and more commonplace.

Over time, bit by bit, this erodes our sense of self. It’s like stirring one drop of red paint into a can of white. The paint may turn only the palest shade of pink, and while that might seem barely noticeable—no matter what we say about it—the paint is no longer what it was. Similarly, when the wholeness and completeness of who we are is jeopardized in some way, albeit imperceptible at first, our sense of ourselves gets obscured, making it harder to return to who we are. When that begins, there’s really no starting point to become ourselves—it’s all flailing around.

The possibility of fully being ourselves occurs in proportion to our being authentic. Living with a pretense, or being afraid that some aspect of ourselves might be found out, precludes any real freedom. Being authentic requires courage. There is no template to follow, no zeitgeist to read, no known path to success. It’s a matter of courage—a matter of creating possibility. It gets made up as we go along, and it is this shift that makes available to us the full possibility of being human, Your inner Voice:The inner voice doesn’t so much conjure up the consolation of inner riches as it does a chattering internal radio. But our inner voice is at least faithful to us—it is reassuringly or irritatingly there on tap. It offers us the unfailing if ambiguous company of a guest who does not plan to leave. It can be companionable or frightening, may range from fascinated eavesdropping of oneself to a brooding censor within—an internal dialogue that occupies both sides. There is a voice— questioned as to its origin, we have no doubt that it’s ours, but its habitual presence resembles a rapid low-grade commentary without authorship, rather in the manner of Samuel Beckett’s assesment: “whose voice, no one’s.” We are essentially in conversations with ourselves most all the time— conversations about what’s going well and what’s not, what others think, what we think, how we feel, the invariable what ifs, how abouts, are you kiddings?, etc. That voiceover, that running stream of thinking and history and rumination, is not necessarily bad—it’s just, we never really get to hear another or they us. We pretty much listen only through the filter of what’s in our heads. What we’re saying to others, or they to us, might seep in from time to time, but it isn’t in what we or they are saying—it’s what we’re saying plus what they are saying about what we’re saying, which isn’t what we’re saying, etc., and vice versa. That inner voice is a subtle and pervasive presence, and unfortunately has us miss out on the full possibility of communication and the infinite worlds it makes available. The business of living—our work, our mores, our relationships with friends, associates, and loved ones—is accomplished through speaking and listening.

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