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Posted on Nov 13, 2007 at 09:09 AM

Chap 7: 1.Film Noir is classically romantic 2.The smell in the fridge will not go away just by closing the door 3.It's fun to see things through her eyes 4.Favored Mary Anne over Ginger 5.Bathing suits the size of my old cut-offs are too short (no Speedos)6. Things I want to do w/someone special: Planetarium, zoo, rainy Sundays in bed, BBQs, massages, New Orleans, piano bar, cruise, Disneyland, Peter Lugars/Ruth's Chris 7.He'll know what drink he'll order when he's in the parking lot; once he gets the bartender's attention, she'll start thinking about what she wants 8.Most avoid the heel when making a sandwich 9.Look beside your dryer & you'll find something you lost weeks ago 10.Why is it that when I'm ready to leave, you need to look at the part of the rack that's 6 sizes bigger than your size? 11.If your profile doesn't show some element of your personality, don't write me 12.While good people come in all shapes & sizes, some clothes designs should not 13.Some people want to flirt by notes, others via phone or in person- let the guy know 14.Courtesy & manners are becoming a lost practice 15.If you're just looking for a friend, thanks for your interest, but I'm focusing my efforts on meeting my life partner 16.It's about how we make each other feel about ourselves 17.If you have to ask how the date is going, its better for you than the other person 18.A relationship develops over time; the only way to speed up the time is to see the person for non-date nite dates, as well as the weekends 19.'Tis both person's obligation & opportunity to think of new things to do. 20.Side-by-side/hand -in-hand.

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