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Posted on Sat, Feb 15, 2014 07:43 AM

Today has been an interesting, thought provoking, introspective day for me so far.  We write our profiles to attract others to us, but what is it that we really seek? It is fun to have chats with people who are putting their best foot forward and are happy-go-lucky. I like to be flirtatious and fun.  What happens when the curtain falls and there is nobody there at the end of the day?  What happens when the red carpet is yanked out from under you?  When your world falls apart? 


What do you do with the person who has everything you wanted, and THEIR world falls apart?  Do you turn tail and run, looking for another person who has everything, or do you become a support through hard times?  Sometimes, people need us.  Sometimes we need them.  What kind of love are you seeking in life?


Just some thoughts...

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Posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 09:25 PM

Great subject as I typically discuss the same topics with others. In reality, I would assume we are equally as kind to one another. The love we share should be so powerful, we should be reminded to have our arms wide open while being supportive of our partners. Sometimes I wonder if emotionally we have been built the same or given the same  stength and ability to love; but often, I have been corrected and shown not all people care the same. Most often people think of themselves and sadly, forget the true intentions of love. I question this frequently: When I was 17, I had my jaw wired shut for three months. If not for my father, I would've had two major large scars running across my face. Would someone look at me equally the same as they do today? If someone I fell in love with and they lost everything by filing a chapter 7, would I continue standing by their side? Of course, everyones answer would be different, but we can only trust ourselves, our judgements and hope for the best.  Xoxo

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Posted on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 11:02 AM

I love this, a great thought provoking message. Yes there are undoubtedly things that can make our lives easier, and many (considered) attractive things that can win us over or make us feel pampered. But nothing is a substitute for the love that these gifts are given with, that connection that makes us think 'I would live anywhere with you'

Thats where real passion comes from, and determination, and a strong will to make things work whatever the future holds.

That's the fire I'm looking for . . . 

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Posted on Sat, Feb 15, 2014 02:07 PM

this reminds me of Pali Canon from my philosophy class.

from Buddhism perspective:

the five common views of self are all changeable.

1. form which is bodily

2. conscienceness which is individual identy

3. feelings with regard to emotional disposition/attitude

4. perceptions-experiences depriving from the five senses

5. formation of will-characters.


since all of these things change... when you love a person... what exactly do you claim to love?

imagine if the person you love is in a vegetable state... can you still claim to love that person? and if so... what exactly do you love then? because someone in a vegetable state... depending on the permanenty of the condidtion... do not have a conscience, limited perceptions... and so on... 


then the next big question is... you yourself also change... so when you love at this instance... and differs 10 years from now... because you change and that person as well. 


after such a headache... i came to accept that the me right now loves a certain type of person... for certain reasons... the me in the future might not think the same... and the him that loves me now... might not loves me the same in the future. 



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Posted on Sat, Feb 15, 2014 08:01 AM

You get back up and brush yourself off, then start again with a BIG smile on your face!  :-)

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