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Posted on Mar 09, 2007 at 06:57 PM

Oh man. My youngest daughter, who is 4 (A month away from turning 5), loves to help me cook. A few minutes ago she took it upon herself to crack some egges into a bowl of leftover noodles. She put it in the oven and came to tell me ... thank goodness she cannot turn on the oven. She was sooo excited, so proud of herself. I have such a hard time having to be the "bad guy" when they are so happy and thrilled with what they have done. Like the time they decided to paint the wall in my room ... painting with permanet markers!! The drew me the wobbliest rainbow ... because they had caught me crying and wanted to cheer me up. That was nearly a year ago during the middle of my divorce and court issues. Sweet, huh. This time, I just explained to her that she has to wait for mommy to be in the kitchen with her and we cook together. I explained that she is not old enough to cook by herself. How do you other single parents balance being the "good guy" with being the "bad guy" ??

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