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A blog to bring you good cheer, an uplifting word or just plain good clean jokes! Enjoy!

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Ah...the chicken! 86 Views 03/19/14

What do you call a chicken crossing the road?


Poultry in motion :-)

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This will make you chuckle... 108 Views 03/18/14

An attractive girl walks into a fabric shop. 'I want to buy this material for a dress,' she says. 'How much does it cost?' 


'Only one kiss per metre,' replies the male clerk.


'Fine,' replies the girl. 'In that case I'll take 10 metres.'


The clerk gives her the fabric and the girl points to a little old man standing next to her.


'Thanks,' she says. 'Grandpa's paying the bill.'



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Hello and...Clean Seven Up Joke,,, 69 Views 03/17/14

I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital after my wife had gone into labor and the nurse walked out and said to the man sitting next to me, "Congratulations sir, you’re the new father of twins!"

The man replied, "How about that, I work for the Doublemint Chewing Gum Company." The man then followed the woman to his wife’s room.

About an hour later, the same nurse entered the waiting room and announced that Mr. Smith’s wife has just had triplets.

Mr. Smith stood up and said, "Well, how do ya like that, I work for the 3M Company."

The gentleman that was sitting next to me then got up and started to leave. When I asked him why he was leaving, he remarked, "I think I need a breath of fresh air." The man continued, "I work for 7-UP."

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