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Posted on Aug 16, 2007 at 05:10 AM

Our first excursion was sardinia to the resort costa smeralda. Basically a millionaires resort. Very beautiful. It was funny as it was just like a village. Normally in villages you would expect little local shops. Instead there were little shops but prada, gucci, louis vuitton. All stocked for winter. So in the 30 degree heat I was looking at fur coats. Not to my taste. Poor animal. Was a really nice place though. You couldn't sit down at the cafe's though as they would charge a fortune. The harbour was nice with all the pretty yachts. So I was pretty impressed with the excursion. So for me this was the turning point that cruise holiday was going to be just great. The next day we went to Rome. It was a full day excursion. Only took an hours drive. We did not stop off at the coliseum but drove by in the coach, so I was snapping away at photos with my camera. Rome is so big and soo many things to see. You can't see it all in one day. The coach stopped off at trevi fountain, where nicola and I threw our coins over our shoulder and made a wish. Only to see 5 mins later these Italian guys fishing coins out with this magnet thing. What a cheek. Stealing our wishes. We had an Italian ice cream. The Italians love to chat up the ladies. So here I am ordering a cherry flavoured ice cream. The young guy at the counter asking what flavour I'm going for. Me replying cherry. You know those awkward this a bit too intimate moments. That?s what the conversation was like. I'm like hmm its just ice cream. Italians are all about love. So I decided to eat my ice-cream in the shade my the buildings facing the trevi fountain. As I finished and bought some postcards. I felt something drop on my shoulder. We had been warned about pick pockets and I had taken the most target choice of open big bag you could get. Fashion is a funny thing. Anyway I looked to my shoulder. Guess what a bird decided to crap on me. I was like euwww- that?s just great. to be continued...

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