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Posted on Aug 16, 2007 at 06:08 AM

So Pisa was a very hot day. The air con on the bus was not amazing. Luckily I had my pocket travel fan. Now there was a curtain by my window, so I pulled it across so i would be shaded on the journey home not in glaring heat. The lady in front of me pulled the curtain right away from me so she was shaded and I was glaring in the sun. I said to Nicola loudly- can you believe that? The lady looked at me. She saw that I was in the sun and she had the curtain, turned round and said nothing. I was like unbelievable. I was soo tempted just to yank the curtain back. Would of been like a tug of war. haha Anyway I just thanked god for my fan or else I would of melted. On the way back the tour guide had the nerve to say. It is customary to give the driver a tip. He only opened the front exit of the bus so you had to put money in. I was like we paid ?35 for a trip that?s was like nothing and not even lunch. Although judging from the Rome experience maybe that was a blessing. So I left 5 cents- haha. Now my favourite stop of all was Monaco and Monte Carlo. The journey from nice along that rocky coastline was just amazing. Sooo beautiful. Monaco was great. I got all my Ferrari and f1 gifts as the Monaco grand prix is staged there. I also bought a necklace in a boutique, so i could say, yeah I got that in Monaco. We saw the houses of the royalty, the beautiful parks. The castle, the changing of the guards, the out of this world looking yachts. Was just amazing. We had lunch opposite the castle as we were told Monte Carlo would be very pricey. Oh we paid that ourselves and i was mmmmm. That afternoon we went to Monte Carlo. We saw the casino. Its basically multi millionaires land well all of monaco is. Very surreal. Everyone has a top of the range car or sports car. We were sitting in the beautiful park and I was taking snaps of all the fantastic cars going by. Was just heaven to me. I love that sort of thing. to be continued..

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