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Posted on Aug 16, 2007 at 04:46 AM

So as I was saying I saw the hair straightners in the window. I was like - omg will these work on board? The lady was like yes. In my mind I was like ?200 is my limit. So I asked how much. The lady replied ?155. Nicola was like- are you crazy? You already have ghd's. My rational to the situation was- I had paid loads for this cruise. I wanted a good time, not to be moaning and not to look awful in the photos. I know vanity is a funny thing. So I lasted a morning before I bought the things, blowing my spending budget on another set of ghd's. It did come with hair products and a fancy bag but still way over priced. Anyway it shut me up complaining. So we had sorted the hair problem. The boat was nice, very clean, entertainment was first class. The food was excellent. The pool- well it was mainly for the kids. Made me laugh though at the sites you saw by the pool. Some people just don't seem to care. lol Let all hang loose. Every night when we would go to the cabin, the cleaner folded the towels into shapes like a swan, dog and bunny. One day when we came in, there was a monkey hanging from the coat hanger on the window with Nicolas vest top on as a dress. Things like that were just pretty funny. The people on board were really nice and friendly. I became good friends with the Chinese bartender who was making me the fancy cocktails. Really nice people some were rude though but in a funny way. Like when I went to get toast one morning. The guy was like brown or white. I replied brown pls. Then he was like yeah brown is better for you and gave me a wink. I was like lol. Omg I forgot to tell you the embarrassing first night party. Well as me and Nicola hit the dance floor- well nicola had her bag. I was like just put your bag on the floor between us. So we did and were dancing away. Suddenly the entertainers came over to us. The campest of all. We basically danced round the bag. I could of died laughing. It was a bit of a cringe moment the next day. 2 b cont

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