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Posted on Aug 16, 2007 at 05:28 AM

So apparently I was lucky that the bird crapped on my shoulder as another girl in our group got it in her hair. Later that day, something dropped on me again. I was like gawd- what now? This time a white feather dropped on me. As lunch time approached I was like yey this is going to be great. Italian food is just like heaven. Everything so fresh. Well we were placed in this restaurant during the excursion as the meal was free. It had to be the worst meal I've ever had. I hardly touched the pasta. It was ravioli with mince in it. It tasted gritty and awful. I just left it. I was thinking don't they serve salad with the meal. Strangely the salad came as a next course. The most pathetic looking salad. I ate it all though as I was starving. Everyone else just left it. The only good thing was the wine. I was pretty shocked. We did pay like ?60 for the excursion. I mean I can get a proper good Italian meal in Glasgow for like ?8-?15. I would rather of paid than get a crappy freebee. Never mind. As we gathered outside and waited for the tour guide. I almost got hit my eletric bus speeding round the corner if the guy in our group hadn't grabbed me and pulled us out the way. So the afternoon we went to Vatican city. The dress code is pretty strict. Shoulders and knees must be covered. Now that day, not purposely being cheeky. I had cropped jeans with slits at the knees. I was like eek. Will I get in. So as I walked by security with a look of butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. The beeper went off. I was like eek. The guy was just checking for knives etc. So he made me walk in again and I'm just thinking eek don't let my knees show. I got in ok and it was fine. We went into st pauls. Amazingly beautiful. We got to see the late dead pope in his glass coffin which nicola took a photo of. I was like that?s a bit morbid. She didn't realise that really was the dead pope. Afterwards we had 30 mins free time. So we split from the group and wondered about. 2 be cont..

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