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Posted on May 26, 2006 at 07:11 PM

Well, I guess this will be the end for me on this site as not to many were interested in the big girl, BUT that's (ok) I rather surround myself with people & men who love & appreciate a person for who they TRULY ARE! not for what they look like or don't look like!! the few that I did correspond with were truly fake. This whole thing is just not me, I guess as I can go out one night with friends & come home with about 2-3 #'s or go to a club & relax with friends & get a bottle of champagne sent over to me for my friends & I! so later rich people, now I remember why I don't care for your typ's in the first place!!!! If I ever do become rich , I would stay true to myself & not pretend I am better just because I have some $. big deal, you have $ without that who are you? what are you? can you survive without that? that's your crutch enjoy it, remember me when you pick the wrong person for the wrong reason!!! GOOD LUCK , YOU'LL NEED IT!! save your negative responses as I am no longer getting back on here to check. the truth hurts huh,

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