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Posted on May 11, 2006 at 01:11 PM

I work at this new trend restaurant in Houston ,TX,,its where the A list of the town dine.I see a lot poeple come and go,,,the is something troubling me sometimes, i know its none of my Business ,but i cant just help it.We male clients who are our regural guest.They come in at least four time a week and verytime they come they have this gourgeous women wo look like they spent so much money on them that can even buy a little village in my country and every time this men introduces this girls as a girlfriend or wife, what bother me the most it is how they act like they are so much in love with each one of them.What make me laugh most is how this girls are mean to me when they hear my accent(Count you speak good english?) Cant they talk like they age not like some high school teenagers.I know some of them get jelous of when they so called husbands and boyfriends compliment on my classy,loo and what a sexy accents,,lol.Anyway the thing is i dont like the way this guy play this women they make them feel like there are the only thing matters in their life,someof them bring four to six different girls, and this girls they range in ages .Most i feel sorry for these women who are in their 40s they have everything in their live,,here their are thinking finally i met someone i can have kids with,,coz you can see in their eye when cute babies are in the dining room they cant stop commeting.I know it none of my business what my customer or these poeple are doing in their lives,but have been raised in a different part of the world and where we view some of the thing different,,i just fund my self wondering ,questioning my self ,,what are these doing with their lives? should i tell this women that they are being play ? and sometimes it makes me feel ill.How can someone do that especially taking all of them at the same restaurant,oredr the same bottle of champagne,get this the same favorite table and this men how do they feel when they go to bed at night.

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