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Posted on Jun 19, 2006 at 08:52 PM

HERE'S A POEM I WROTE!! HOPEFULLY YOU LIKE IT!!! There are no words that can describe my exact feeling For my heart is in broken condition What I feel is beyond agony For you left me on a mission Not having you is destroying me Knowing your heart belongs to someone else We will never be once again whole For youre trapped within yourself I blame myself for this For I should have never fallen for you They say never go for it If you believe its too good to be true But I went for it anyway Wanting what we once had back I was left outside your circle As my feelings you begin to lack It started off so dandy and sweet We had it going great for us two All of a sudden, I was no longer good for you Your visits were always late My phone no longer rung Every time Id confront you Youd claim that I was wrong But I stuck by you anyhow Put behind all your flaws Thinking you would change But again I was withdraw I thought, maybe if I changed You would as well But you went from bad to worst Through your actions I could tell You were the same Your temper was so obscene You said you changed But it couldnt be seen So I did what I had to do Stopped trying to change who you were For I knew if you loved me You would see your own blur Its been months now Since Ive last spoken or seen you Though I wish you were with me It was your choice to withdrew Ill always feel the same about you No matter what happens in my life For you were the first to enter my heart to make me feel love, pain and strife

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