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Posted on Aug 08, 2013 at 02:21 PM

Sitting on the deck is nice.  Lemonade, the breeze of the fan wafting over me.  The real attraction is the carry on at the birdfeeder.  

I neglected the birdfeeder until a few weeks ago.  Obviously there had been some drama there.  Somehow a bird seemed to have nearly pulled it down.  OK.  I ignored the problem and got some birdseed and put it in.  

There were some birds.  I expected squirrels to make some attempts on it, but I didn't see any.  Yet every morning, no matter how much birdseed I put out, the birdfeeder was empty!  I imagined sneaky little birds filling themselves up until they were stuffed.  

So I put in more feed, and then one day I saw the sneaky little bird.  It was a doe, and it got very brave and came right up while I was watching, and started eating seed from the birdfeeder.  

After she left, I did a better job of putting up the birdfeeder out of her reach, but I did put some seed on the ground for her.  Soon, there were two deer.  Then three, one of them a buck with an impressive rack, and then five, including a fawn with spots.  

Besides the deer, there were several predators that showed up.  One evening around sunset, I heard a screaming sound and the bushes quaked.  Then I saw a big owl flapping through the woods, swooping down on something I had lured in with the birdfeeder.

There were hawks.  I saw a little tiny brown bird dash by chased by a hawk.  It darted into the limbs of a tree and escaped.  

Every evening a calico cat shows up.  A couple of days ago it sprang into the air and grabbed the birdfeeder while a bird was there.  The next day I saw it prowling up to the area and I chased it away with a flyswatter.  

Several rabbits have started coming by.  They fight with each other.  Have you ever seen a bunny fight?   The birds do that, too.  Blue jays scare off cardinals.  Then the cardinals pick on sparrows.

Finally the birdfeeder had taken all it could take and the cord that holds it up broke.  I went shopping for a new birdfeeder.  As I considered new birdfeeders, I also decided to buy some birdseed with extra goodies like nuts in it.  I thought about eating some of it, it looked so yummy.  There were pistacchios in it!  

Well, I better go out and see what they're up to.


Bab : )
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