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Blog title: Why are we on
Blog description: Although the obvious answer may be that there are indeed goldiggers out there, my reason is this: I want to meet someone who has the same work ethic that I do, a dynamic person who truly lives their life to the fullest potential. I don't want to support someone and I certainly don't need to be supported. How about you? What are your thoughts?
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Why do a lot of men say they want happiness, but don't? Posted on Sun, Apr 30, 2006 06:32
I have found that so many men are left bitter after divorce that they really aren't ready to be happy. Why can't they leave the "baggage" behind? I'm sure there are women like that too, but this is just my perspective. What do all of you think? I know that I see life as a journey, through good and bad it shapes me and defines my character. I am SOOOO ready to be in a happy, healthy relationship!
Why does someone come here? Posted on Sun, Apr 23, 2006 07:33
What brings us to For me it is the chance to meet someone who has a strong work ethic that matches my own. How about you?