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Lets make this a regular thing... Posted on Dec 06, 2013 at 09:57 PM

first and foremost i think its so cool this website allows us to post blogs, i think its good to share thoughts or post feelings. we all need an ear sometimes.


a few things about me

i found this website by randomly clicking on some random link on some random site while being bored at my mothers house (visiting from out of town, that woman is one of my bestfriends)

i only somewhat take this website seriously, i cant help but feel like a gold digger or sugar baby after submitting a profile, because lawd knows my networth isnt much.  thus my lack of activity on here. 

but im not opposed to connecting with whomever decides to connect with me first, i just dont have too much in me to search. 

im not really into the zombie craze, just so you know.

i like writing, but only when the mood strikes me. 


And that mood has just left me. 

But Ill be back. :)