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Talking of Love Posted on Mar 03, 2009 at 06:19 PM
Talking of love, I guess that's exactly it: I want to find the last Great Love of my life. Seriously. It's a very tall order, and not to everyone's taste, not really, because--yes--it takes a lot of work, this Being in Love. Just nodding in its direction and surfing the mad intoxication of romance in bloom is never enough. Eventually everything becomes Real. I love Real. I am interested in the question of "love among the ruins." Can two people who have managed to survive the slings and arrows of grand good fortune "in the bright lights," so to speak, kindle honest, meaningful love one last time? I am interested in your stories. Interested to hear if you think it can happen one last time.
The Spark of Passion Posted on Feb 13, 2009 at 08:14 PM
Passion is the spark of excitement we feel when we stand on the edge of the unknown. When two worlds come up against each other - male and female, self and other, familiar patterns and uncharted possibilities. As D. H. Lawrence put it, "What is the beloved? She is that which I am not." In one of his poems Lawrence conveys a sense of wonder: I put out my hand in the night, and my hand touched that which was verily not me it was the unknown The other, she has strange green eyes! And land that beats with a pulse! Also she... has strange mounted breasts and strange sheer slopes, and white levels I touched her flank and knew I was carried over to the new world When we fall in love, a new world opens up.
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Become more approachable Posted on Feb 09, 2009 at 09:37 PM
How many times have you played the starring role in a scenario like this, you both are UNAPPROACHABLE. It's Monday morning. You're standing at Starbucks waiting for your Mocha-Choca-Latte when you spot him out of the corner of your eye... Your DREAM MAN - WOMEN. He's wearing a suit (hot!)... he's got a New York Times tucked under his arm (ooh! he's smart!)... and, oh wow - he just ordered a Mocha-Choca-Latte (you already have something in common!). You casually whip out your copy of The Times and begin reading the Arts section (maybe he'll notice and be impressed) as he heads from the cashier line over to the "Pick Up" area (hello?!?!) to wait for his drink. "MOCHA-CHOCA-LATTE for Maura!" the barista yells. As you grab your coffee and high-tail it past your dream man for the door, you're not sure what burns more... the scalding hot beverage in your hand or the stinging regret of missed opportunity. What would happen if we acted on these moments when another catches our attention... without coming on too strong, being aggressive, but making the first move... You CAN Make Yourself Irresistibly Approachable
Tips to Survive Valentine's Day Posted on Feb 07, 2009 at 09:47 PM
For women who are seeing someone casually, I have just one piece of advice: Try not to put too much importance on this one day. If the man you're dating plans a night out, great! Have fun, but don't judge the status of your relationship entirely on what happens on this one day. If you're not serious, I suggest getting him a humorous card (steer clear of the mushy-gushy cards or he might read too much into it) and maybe bake him some cookies, but leave it at that. (That means NO stuffed puppy dogs holding red satin hearts that say 'I Woof You!') Now if you DON'T get asked out by the guy you're seeing, don't assume this means that he's not interested in you. I've heard firsthand from many men that V-Day freaks them out. As we discussed above, they feel pressure from the outside world to make everything romantic and "perfect" and might not know how to do this if they're just in the beginning stages of getting to know you. It's likely that he just panicked and decided that beers with the guys is a lot less stressful than trying to impress you and possibly falling short of your expectations. Unless you're serious/committed, cut him some slack. And if you're SINGLE, well, the first important thing to remember is that you're not ALONE. Although the greeting card, floral and diamond industry would have you believe that you're the only single person on the planet, nothing could be further from the truth. There are millions of people all over the world (a few supermodels included) who will be spending Valentine's Day without a date. DATING WITHOUT DRAMA
How soon is to soon? Posted on Jan 04, 2009 at 04:43 PM

I know there is no magic number or time frame involved in getting to know someone and the start of physical intimacy. For me I need to spend time with a man and get to know him. A second dinner or a week of phone calls does not give me enough of a foundation to jump in. I find that if you put the physical intimacy first you tend to ignore other things. Then when it comes time to pay attention to other aspects of the person you can find ourself involved with somebody who you may enjoy physically but his other self is not what you are looking for.¿

Vulnerability Posted on Jan 02, 2009 at 04:16 PM

I find it very appealing and a sign of strength when a man opens up and allows himself to be vulnerable.

Any thoughts?

My New Year Intend Posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 11:53 AM

Balance, hopefulness, caring for myself and those around me.¿

Abundance, plentifulness.

Love, courage, strength of character, belief in myself and life.
Expansion of vision.
Hope, harnessing my energies for good of all.
Being. Clear.¿

Totally immersed in life. Belief in wisdom beyond my own.¿
Having. Giving. Being.

Happy New Year. May it be all you intend for yourself.


Rules to Live and Love By Posted on Dec 29, 2008 at 10:24 PM

There is potential for soul mate love all around us at every moment. It is a matter of recognizing the connection, sensing the "charge" of energy, and then cultivating a relationship that will take us beyond our present limitations.

Whether single, married, or somewhere in between, we can begin practicing masterful ways of relating with whomever stands before us, and in this way, we become better and more enlightened human beings. We can become the love we want to find; we can source it from within.

Seeing your partner through the lens of love rather than fear automatically elevates the relationship to a higher plane. When you can get quiet and note when you are projecting fear, you can make the adjustment to see through a different filter. So often we feel indignant or incensed, but upon closer inspection we will find that we are really afraid. Once we assume our partner's core goodness rather than focusing on their "guilt," they will be more free to show us their best, which accelerates the process of shifting our perspective from one of blame and anxiety to one of acceptance and peace.

Being willing to forgive yourself and your partner, and to make amends when necessary is an ongoing process of cleanup. We all make mistakes; it's human. But when we hold fast to a grudge it eats away at our sense of peace and serenity. If you aren't willing to forgive, you might ask yourself what habit of ego you're attached to. Do you want to continue life with unresolved issues hanging over you?

When we take a stand and refuse to let go of something, we can always find evidence to justify it. Or we can try to make peace. Instead of blaming or making excuses, we can clean things up and move forward. This is not an excuse for staying in a dysfunctional situation, but an opportunity to see innocence. Once we do that, we gain¿¿or give¿¿freedom to move out of a "stuck" place. 

Relaxing when times get tough; assuming that "this too shall pass" allows you to roll with the punches. If you know things will inevitably arise to challenge you, you can be more detached when they do. Problems become worse when we dig in our heels and try to force a solution. By relaxing into whatever struggle arises, we remain flexible and open to inspiration and insight.

Even if you have a hard time letting go, you can at least observe yourself taking things very seriously, which in itself helps to detach you from the experience of anxiety. Whatever is happening now won't be happening a year from now, so just keep breathing through the situation and see if you can take things a little less seriously.

Kathy Freston, author of The One

What to do for humanity Posted on Dec 27, 2008 at 10:33 AM

There are more people living on the streets and in homeless shelters now than since the Great Depression.

What are you willing to do to help?

Modern Love Posted on Dec 26, 2008 at 09:03 PM

The choices and problems we face are different from those of our parents. But it would be foolish to presume that the obstacles to modern love will be any less difficult to overcome. How do you carve a place in your heart and your life for just one person, when you can connect with anyone at anytime? In a world without privacy, can intimacy survive?

Love Is... Posted on Dec 26, 2008 at 01:51 PM

Love is...

Love is impossible to describe. You just know once you've found it.¿

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Posted on Dec 23, 2008 at 10:45 AM

It used to be that wishing someone¿Merry Christmas¿did not place one in danger of committing a social faux pas. Some people, in this age of victimization chic, will actually get offended by that if they happen not to be Christians or are just Scrooges.

Wishing someone Happy Holidays, in a kind of politically correct but misguided attempt to be inclusive, usually doesn't work. Believing Christians, who after all celebrate Christmas as the birthday of the redeemer of all humankind, tend to take offensive at the watering down of their holiday. Some department stores, who have instructed their employees to wish customers Happy Holidays, have faced angry boycotts as a result.

According to a¿poll by Fox News, fully 77% of Americans will greet another person with Merry Christmas. That breaks down to 87% of Republicans and 72% of Democrats.

So what should be the etiquette for Christmas or Holiday greetings? Here follows a few suggestions.

If one knows the person one is greeting, then by all means be religion appropriate. That is¿Merry Christmas¿to Christians or people who like just Santa, the presents under the tree, and roast turkey. It's Happy¿Hanukkah¿to ones Jewish friends. It's Happy Solstice to ones pagan friends. It's Happy Holidays to everyone else.

If one is greeting a stranger, then taking the Fox News poll into account, wish them a Merry Christmas. If the stranger is graceless enough to object and correct you, then add a greeting in the religion appropriate manner and move on.

If one is being greeted, accept the greeting whatever it is with good grace. The greeting, whether it is¿Merry Christmas¿or Happy Holidays, is being offered as a wish for joy and good feelings during the season and should be accepted as such. Return the greeting with as much grace and friendliness as it is offered.

On occasion one will run into someone who chooses to be offended by any expression of religion and will try to pick an argument with you. One should avoid confrontation or any contact at all with such people. Christmas (or whatever one celebrates) should be a time of joy and not of arguing with someone who is happy only to make war on Christmas. If you are the praying sort and are feeling whimsical, pray that such a person is visited by three¿spirits¿of a particular kind to set them straight. That too is a good Christmas wish. No one should be unhappy during Christmas, even the modern day Scrooges in the ACLU.

Meteors Shower Posted on Dec 20, 2008 at 10:30 PM
RADIO​ METEO​RS:​ The Ursid​ meteo​r showe​r cause​d by Comet​ 8P/​Tuttl​e peaks​ this year on Dec. 22nd.​ About​ a dozen​ meteo​rs per hour will fly out of the Littl​e Dippe​r (​Ursa Minor​)​ as Earth​ passe​s throu​gh the comet​'​s debri​s strea​m.​ read more here-​-​-​>​ also.​.​.​ A solar​ wind strea​m flowi​ng from the indic​ated coron​al hole shoul​d reach​ Earth​ on or about​ Dec. 22nd.​