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Posted on Jun 13, 2006 at 09:31 PM

Get a job at an agency or a studio. You are still very young. I went to an agency at your age (not in the business any more) there is no place that is better to get your foot in the door. Read "The Agency", its a history of WMA, very good career guide for Hollywood. Remember, no one there wants to take a chance on an unknown. Honestly, ask yourself, if your script only costs $50K to make (and much more likely far, far more) why should someone give you there hard earned $$$ to run a business for them. Frankly, investing in movies is one of the absolute worst investments anyone can ever make. 8000 independent films made every year, only 400 hit theaters each year -- if that, how many break the one mil mark in income? How many break double digits. Now take the other side, there are over 400,000 scripts written every year and those are just WGA scripts, there are at least double that are not WGA. So, why should your scripts be made over one of the other 1,200,000 (remember lots of scripts are still around from years ago). I'm not in anyway saying yours are not good, I have no idea. The truth is Hollywood, for better or worse, is a business and people investing want to take the least risk possible. Hedge your bets. To break in... don't write pilots, write episodes of big TV shows, this allows agents to see how you can write existing characters, match themes and storylines or get a job at a network, studio or agency, once you are respected for your knowledge of the industry then you can hand someone a script -- DON'T DO IT THE FIRST DAY OR EVEN IN THE FIRST YEAR! or get famous as a standup... get cast in a show, then pitch your ideas. Most importantly, don't get discouraged, but rethink your strategy... if you can't beat them, join them. Its a long road. How old was Larry David when he did Seinfeld? His overnight success took 20 years.

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