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Does size really matter ?? Posted on Jan 03, 2016 at 02:17 AM

I'm 5' 7" ... while not being classed as really short it certainly isn't tall, as such I tend to confine my searches to ladies who are 5' 5" or less, although I'm fully aware that if a lady is 5' 5" when you add 'killer heels' she'll end up appearing taller than me whilst we're out, although I do have a good head of hair that adds at least an inch to my height, then again so do most women !!

My question is Ladies... does size really matter, would you date someone the same height or shorter than yourself ?    They do say good things come in small packages !

And what about you Gentlemen would you date a lady taller than yourself ?


Actually my very first girlfriend when I was just 12 was more than 6" taller than me, and when we went out for a walk holding hands I got her to walk in the road (gutter) whilst I walked on the pavement (sidewalk) so we looked more evenly matched, and so she didn't end up with a stoop and I didn't get a stiff neck.   Unfortunately that relationship didn't last that long... I have no idea why !! ;-)

Single at Christmas Posted on Dec 22, 2015 at 03:13 AM

I'm not normally down, infact far from it, being happy and having a big smile on my face is one of my best traits, which is probably why for me the worse time of the year to be single is Christmas and even worse the dreaded New Years Eve…

Last year I was kept busy, I was away for 5 weeks appearing in a Christmas show, (It's 'Panto' time here in the UK) and our only day off was Christmas day which I spent with my family so it was ok.

And a couple of years ago I booked myself onto a last minute cruise over Christmas and New Year, although just to rub salt in the wound I had to pay a double fare for 2 people, even though it was just me, they don't have single cabins! but this year because I'm home alone I haven't bothered to put up any decorations, as far as I’m concerned Christmas and especially New Years Eve is cancelled !...  

‘Bah Humbug’ 

Don’t get me wrong on Christmas day itself I won't be on my own. Although I have a long days driving, I’ll be getting up at 4.30am (I'll probably bump into Santa on his way home !) and I wont be home again till gone midnight but it'll be worth it because I’ll be spending the actual day having a wonderful time with my family, So at least I wont have to pull my own cracker !! but that’s only one day. The rest of the Holidays I’ll be ‘home alone’ with just the TV for company.  Even watching old repeats on TV are better when shared. 

So am I the only miserable bugger on here or has anyone else cancelled Christmas this year...

Does anyone feel the same, even if you have family and friends around you that this is the worse time to be single, because Christmas and New year just isn't the same without a partner to share it with ?

Although it's not too bad.. I've got Rudolph to keep me company !!


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Would you move thousands of miles for the ‘one’ ? Posted on Dec 19, 2015 at 05:43 AM

Up until now I’ve never really thought about searching profiles from another country, it’s a bloody long way for a first date, especially if you get there and they look nothing like their picture or worse still a pretty slim blonde lady turns out to be a bald 20 stone truck driver covered in tattoos !!

Here in the UK life is fairly simple you can get almost anywhere within a few hours and I have driven 5 hours before just to meet someone to go out for dinner..   

I often get winks etc from ladies in the States, and to be honest I tend to ignore them, Is this where I’m going wrong ?  

The grass always appears greener on the other side…  and there certainly appears to be more choice especiallly for us guys.  I haven’t really thought about it before but should I broaden my horizons and if the right lady seems to come along should I be prepared to hop across the pond for a date… I think it unlikely that the ladies in question are about to fly to the UK so I can take them out to dinner. 

My main concern is how do you get to really know someone that you’ve only meet a few times before you make that life changing decision to give up everything and move thousands of miles to a new country.

How long have you been here ? Posted on Dec 15, 2015 at 02:37 AM

I'm about to celebrate my 10th anniversary on MM (I'm not sure 'celebrate' is the right word !)

Although in fairness I haven't been on here continually, I frist joined way back in 2006, when 'blogland' was a very different place, and I became one of this sites success stories but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and in 2011 I returned but by then I was in the middle of launching a new media career for myself and felt it wasn't the right time so I left again.

But as 2016 approaches here I am another 5 years on and 10 years from when I first joined and I'm back again.

I really hope I do find the 'one' this time. I don't want to find myself back here in 2021 !!

By then I'll be too old for all this dating malarky !

So all you lovely people here... how about you, how long have you been here ??