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Posted on Jun 19, 2006 at 08:50 AM

Lately it seems there's suddenly more coverage on this topic or I'm more in tune to this topic in recent months (I'm going with the latter!) Any relationship I've had that lasts for any significant amount of time has ALWAYS been initiated by the man. Why is this? Anyone I've flirted with (NOT flirted BACK, but initiated the flirting) has not turned into something that lasts. Is it as simple as "the man enjoys the chase, the challenge?" Isn't that all human nature though? We seem to want what we can't have. Or if it's too easy, why do we think it's not worth it? Aren't we all on this site to meet someone? Then why must we play these games, especially at the age(s) that we are? If I "wink" at someone, which is all I can do since I let my "gold" membership expire (because it seems the pursuing doesn't work for me) it goes nowhere. But the men who initiate contact and make an effort to get my attention and, once gotten, to keep it, seem to be the better choice. This goes for this site or a bar or someone met at random. On the other hand, I hear/read so much how men enjoy being asked out, or like a woman who can initiate contact. I'm sure they enjoy it - it's a great ego boost. So do men just go with it if there's nothing better on the horizon, or just for fun, or WHAT??? It's very discouraging to work up the nerve to ask someone out and have it go nowhere way too quickly. Men think women send mixed messages, but men are just as guilty of this! What do men want? For us to just sit on the sidelines waiting for them to make the first move? It seems that this woman is going to do just that from now on, so wish me luck, and I hope I don't turn too gray waiting for Mr. Right!

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