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Blog description: sure i was consumed with a fear of having heart in peices by someone 100000 miles away-and then i thought well One hearts are broken at least as frequently by some one right there in bed with u Going on to live right on the next block with better younger and prettier? Secondly it's not only about passionate love ---- The fact of knowing families, women ,not just those who think talk ,walk ,yell or shut up just like me -
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magicbrijes conversations -2 Posted on Tue, Feb 20, 2007 10:16
what can strike a chord and heal is so unpredictable some time back I was in a rather sad phase nothing seemed to work for a good 2 weeks struck a conversation she asked me -sad? i say yes big time trouble ?? I said well feels like hell to me said ,Did u kill ur grandma cops chasing u??/No Tax guys found cash under bed? NOoooo WELL then CIA thinks u may know where osama may be hiding? No --Well resolvable issues then think about it triggered a feel better -feel good ???feel fine nerve and we kept the communication and in 2 months i am richer by a friend.