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  • Its just my thoughts and reason as to why I am here, and If I am lucky enough to go on some dates with gentlemen from here then I will let you know how it all goes xx
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What I wish Posted on May 15, 2009 at 10:16 AM
I wish I could cook I wish I wasn't so easy to read I wish I didnt feel the need to buy so many shoes I wish I was one of those people who loved to work out I wish it was more sunnier where I lived I wish that I didnt read books so quickly (sometimes it only takes me a day to read a good book) I wish I was a better dancer (I wasnt blessed with great rhythym) LOL I wish I could quit smoking I wish wales would win more rugby matches I wish Ricky hatton had won against the pac-man Just some of my silly wishes, those wishes we all have but just thought I would write mine down Joanna xox
My thoughts on the site so far Posted on May 13, 2009 at 08:09 AM
Well so far it has been a nice little ego boost, plenty of winks and I am actually with conversing with some guy, for some reason most of the guys I am chatting with are from america. Which makes me wonder can something actually work with a guy from a different country, after all am I really willing to jump on a plane with for a first date and go to a country I have never been too, for me the answer is no, I think that would put my safety in jeapordy, but what about others would you jump on a plane and go and meet someone. It makes me wonder if I am in fact on the right site as this site is full of gentlemen who are in fact very busy and dont have the time to jump on a plane to have a first date. I noticed some people had actually given me a thumbs down for my first blog which I just dont understand how can you give a thumbs down to someone own thoughts, I have never understood that or people who leave negative comments as everyone is just saying their private thoughts, yes we are putting them out there, but I for one am not doing it to be rewarded by others rather just trying to make sense of my thoughts LOL
My reasons for joining MM Posted on May 11, 2009 at 12:31 PM
Everyone has there own reasons for being on here, me well I am just bored of dating guys that have no jobs, no prospects and are happy to be on the dole. Maybe its just me but that tends to be the kind of guy I attract and was even fortunate enough to have one to dupe me into getting loans in my name for him and then running out on me leaving me with a hell of a lot of debt and nothing much more except a bitter taste, but I have never been the kind of girl who holds that against all men and have just put it down to m own stupidity and am dealing with it. So now I want to date a better tye of man, a man who has dreams and ambitions and does actually strive to fufill them so hopefully I will find that kind of guy on here. Joanna