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Posted on Jul 26, 2014 at 04:46 PM

Here is an article about "What do the super-rich lose sleep over?". 


And you? What do you lose sleep over?


While many of us lie awake worrying about how to keep on top of the mortgage and bills a global study has revealed the super rich lose sleep over their money causing lack of ambition in their children.


The finding comes in a report produced by London-based law firm Witherworldwide entitled; The meaning of wealth in the 21st Century - unlocking the secrets of successful families.

As part of its research, the firm analysed the attitudes of 4500 people around the world with more than US$10 million in personal wealth and then conducted a further 16 in-depth interviews with multimillionaires and billionaires.


Asked what was their greatest fear regarding their wealth and the wealth of their family in the future 37% cited their health and the health of family members.


While 15% said their greatest fear was that their children would lack the drive and ambition to get ahead in life.


The issue was less of a concern to the moderately wealthy - those whose assets were under US$10 million - who were more worried about failing to support their immediate family.


The report notes that while the desire of parents to see their children flourish was universal, this could turn into anxiety and even significant insecurity when wealth was brought into the equation.


"For parents, the main concern is that great wealth will scotch the individual ambition in their children.”


"Meanwhile, it is perhaps not surprising that children may feel somewhat inadequate in matching up to expectations when you consider the great heights of achievement their parents have scaled."


The research questioned several different generations in wealthy families and found different perspectives on the issue.


Some families had become estranged over the years because of it.


"Speaking from bitter experience, some felt this was because they had given their children too much, others because they had given too little.”


"What is clear is that as with all parenting challenges, there is no simple answer to this problem.”


"Yet every parent in their own way was continuing to try to find a way to support their children - of all ages - to achieve their own full potential."


The research found different stages of family wealth in different parts of the globe with wealthy families in Asia facing challenges in passing the business onto the next generation and those in Europe grappling with managing financial family wealth in the wake of selling down a business.


Wealthy Americans were seen as having the most experience in moving from a successful business to financial wealth to moving back into business and social investment.

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Posted on Aug 16, 2014 at 06:29 PM

are you trying to be funny?  

it is very obvious that super prejudice exist in the drection of the wealthy

strange to see it so strong on this site


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Posted on Aug 05, 2014 at 06:34 AM

Lack of ambition and dream in their children is what middle class parents in Taiwan should worry about, less children have given birth, more and more have given to younger generation, spoil them with not just money, with everything, except morality, empathy, justice, things we used to be educated, etc.


Younger generation here is looking for little happiness in life, even the media brain washing people here, less considering the future of this country, the competition we are facing in Asia , in the world.


Not just middle class, some of rich families are even worse

Grateful and blessed Thank you for reading, wish you the best:-)
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Posted on Jul 27, 2014 at 01:21 PM

[Note: this response is a joke!]


(Shrugs.) I'd be glad to worry about their excess millions for awhile, if anyone wants to get below that $10 million threshold! ;)


[End joke.]


Seriously,  I agree, everyone worries about something, and about their kids sometimes,  too.

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Posted on Jul 26, 2014 at 07:06 PM


Not sure where all of this came from ...

You do not spoil your children with money when you spoil them with Love. 

All people loose sleep over thinking too much....    about something.  Someone usualy. 

Really no different than people with or with out money.

People with money have diffrent things to worry about.  No judgement on which is more difficult to deal with.  Worry is worry. 

Growing up I was poor and came from a family that moved yearly.  I was invisabel.   This gave me the ability to see people for who they were.  The creeps were creepy and the nice people nice.  

Becoming a beautiful women changed life.   

the creeps were fake and O so nice to me and the nice folk just kept their  distant.  

Same happens with money.    Hard to tell the good from the bad.  Everyone is so nice and such a suck up. 


Most children of wealth have issues with this issure.  My childrens issures were not mine   I am awair of this  and know one is not better or eazer than the other.  

Is the kid going to waste their live?   Like I said  

if you spoil them with love   

all will be good.  


Just because you do not have to do something to make money   you allways have to find a passion and follow it to find happyness.    Can't buy happyness. 

People who trust and have faith and who are at peace with them selfs and the world do not loose sleep.  

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