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Posted on Jan 05, 2007 at 02:39 PM

MMers are disapearing at an alarming rate! Where are they going and will they be back? Only science fiction knows. But now that they have disappeared, many questions linger .... Here is the Death Roll Call for just the past few days! Please feel free to add anyone else I forgot. - MsCongeniality2006. Gone? Just hiding? Coming back? Who knows. Hope not. - ptakmel. Gone? Chased off? Learned anything from her experience? Dunno. - Alexiaa!!! She's gone but so are half her tormentors! Will she return? Uncertain. Has this every happened before with her? - BLL. What was up with him? We liked him and he was always quick with a kind, contemporary slang comment. And then ... poof! His parting words made me think he was an angel sent to stir up MM blogs but what did he accomplish? And how come he just left us? - MorganP. The lovelorn poet. Great pics. A bit of a dark character like Jimmie Dean. But he too just up and vanished! Has anyone seen any MMers running around at night carrying large, fumbly objects wrapped in sheets? One thing MM is not ... it's not entirely predictable. You may THINK you know what's going on ... but how can we tell for certain? All we have are theories of trolls and reals and fakes and parodies. None of the above missing persons are gone as a result of Nascar Tim though. Who else is missing? Who were they and who will replace them? All I know is, if cinematic sci-fi history repeats itself ... every time you eat a power bar or a breakfast snack ..... you should ask yourself .... is this an MM troll?

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