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Posted on Mon, Jul 22, 2013 06:13 PM

By dey way if the grammar is damaged just forgive me and move on.

Okay, a doctor was evaluating two of his psychiatric patients to see who amongst them is getting better. He puts them in a dark room and switches on a torch light holding it horizontally then said to them; "Any one of you who can sit on the ray of this light will go home today."

The first patient approaches the ray and began jumping trying to sit on it, while Mr. Patient B sat in a corner laughing hard. The doctor looked at him and said it’s your turn. He looked at the doctor and said to him; "U THINK DAT I AM MAD? U WANT ME TO CLIMB THE RAY SO DAT WEN AM ON IT U WILL SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT AND I WILL FALL! SOME THING IS WRONG WIT YOU!!!"

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