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Just Saying.... Posted on Wed, Jan 31, 2007 14:59
I have been guilty of being a blog reader times I am amused, sometimes the blog tugs at my heart strings, and other times I am left without a clue of what to feel or think. I am not here to cause any trouble, that was my main reason for never posting, I will not say anything negative about anyone or their feelings, what I do want to say is that the blogs were alot more fun prior to all the fighting. There are alot of people that I admire on here and love reading their blogs, that said I will not be making a "list". I have learned a great deal about alot of peoples character just through reading their blogs. I sincerely hope that soon things will go back to normal, yes i know not everyone will always get along but hopefully we can all learn to co-exist with each other and that perhaps the trolls will be washed away by a wave under the bridge. Have a great Wednesday.
No guts Posted on Mon, May 15, 2006 22:41
Why is it that we (men and women) have no problem pursuing someone, ie. winking, e-mailing etc. BUT don't have the guts to say "I am sorry but I am not interested".....either you are or you aren't but if you can post your profile with "honesty" as one of the attributes you have and desire then be truly honest.