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Blog description: ONCE YOU BORED GIRL OF US BREED MEETS MY TALENT TO DO FRICTION BUT UNABLE TO HURT OR HAR M,IF ITS REQUIRED ITS A PLKEASURE. COME BE WHAT YOU WANT BUY MY Sl**T-MAKING OT?R SOUL SINGING YOU. YOU YOU.,. YES ITS A SIGN.YES YOU, MUST MAIL TO BE 200$ SHORT AND IM YOUR FAT SMELLY LANDLORD HAPPY LIKING POWER, TOBE S D?***Y HE NEEDS-or i be a information delivery man and hav to deliver your ex nerd boyfriend sex fantasy.i be your sallary slave. or i coul?d tell you how dating goes down EU-style.All get pissed and you have never seen the owl you wake with. hhoohhoohho
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good to be aware of. Posted on Sat, Jun 17, 2006 06:00
"First they ignore you; then they mock you; then they punish you; then you win."- Mahatma Ghandi
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