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Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 05:17 PM

Quoting Jenkneee:

Reading these blogs is starting to get frustrating. Please do some homework on what a blog should be and how to type a title that would represent your blog.

There are several categories of blogs here that are unappealing to most of the readers. I will only give a few examples to make you think and you, whoever you are, may or may not find it useful in the future. For the sake of the blogs and readers still continuing to exist, I hope you do find it useful and adjust your future activities here. Thank-you.

1) The "Me, Me, Me" blog. You think this is free advertising for yourself, well, I suppose it may be to the very few men who care but frankly, I don't give a ****. Can you at least try to make it interesting for the readers who don't want to date you? Add a funny story, a horror dating story, something that is entertaining or helpful.  You must be able to come up with something interesting. Like right now,I'm watching Juan Pablo, The Bachelor, who is going after the opera singer.  That girl absolutely does not give a **** about him and wouldn't you know, Juan still likes her. So Juan is probably not the most interesting subject for the guys but still might be to a few ladies.  I'm not trying to diss all the blogs here but hoping to inspire a few of you to get more creative.

2) Any blog with tips or a continuing theme: Don't post 3 travel tip/stories in 3 different blogs in a row. Post one blog only with all 3 travel locations in it. Which leads me to #3


3) Blog Hogging; don't do it!! Really, how important is it to post several blogs at once or even in one week, just don't. Let your one blog shine on it's own, you may find it gets more attention that way.

4) I detest reading a title that does not tell the reader what their blog is about, enough said,.. unlike the title where clearly enough was not said, or in this instance- typed! One word like "Wow" is just not enough.

5) MM, where is the next Hot Topic? I gave you a few suggestions, let's move on to the next one please!



I could go on but think I will stop here for now. If you need some inspiration look at MM's history for some of the more active blogs.  Feel free to add to the list.

Here, here.  You took the time and effort to do what I could not be bothered to do.  Cudos to you, Jenknee.  Well said indeed.  Let's hope some of our offending bloggers take your blog to heart.  Although, I doubt it.  The most offensive ones are usually the ones who can't see beyond their own egos to the truth of what they read.'s hoping!


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Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 04:20 PM

Anyone who blogs here might caution of more rules placed on a blogging society, What sort of person is presenting( might be quite shy, Etc.), age, cultural environment. Usually, the line's back are where the unpopular ones go. I have not checked on the placement of my 5 in the bowels of MM. The blogs  float,or sink with popularity of the new blog. There are good Blog-Runners here. That falls in 1st Ammendment territory, also.....Nope! Ain't goin' there! 

No Limits,within Hyperlink reasoning, and, of course;Conforming to the agreed code of conduct..No Limits:

"Poor Fletch. Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All  they
show is limitation. Look  with  your  understanding,  find  out  what  you
already know, and you'll see the way to fly."
     The shimmering stopped. Jonathan Seagull had vanished into empty air.
     After a time, Fletcher Gull dragged himself into the sky and faced  a
brand-new group of students, eager for their first lesson.
     "To begin with " he said heavily, "you've got to  understand  that  a
seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom, an image of the Great  Gull,  and
your whole body, from wingtip  to  wingtip,  is  nothing  more  than  your
thought itself."
     The young gulls looked at him quizzically. Hey,  man,  they  thought,
this doesn't sound like a rule for a loop.
     Fletcher sighed and started over. "Hm. Ah... very well," he said, and
eyed them critically. "Let's begin with Level Flight." And saying that, he
understood all at once that his friend had quite  honestly  been  no  more
divine than Fletcher himself.
     No limits, Jonathan? he thought. Well, then, the time's  not  distant
when I'm going to appear out of thin air on your beach,  and  show  you  a
thing or two about flying!
     And though he  tried  to  look  properly  severe  for  his  students,
Fletcher Seagull suddenly saw them all as they really  were,  just  for  a
moment, and he more than liked, he loved what he saw. No limits, Jonathan?
he thought, and he smiled. His race to learn had begun.
 Des Moines, Iowa, July 2,1973 - John H. Livingston, the man who
inspired the best-selling novel "Jonathan Livingston  Seagull,"
died Sunday at the Pompano Beach (Fla.) Airport soon after
completing his last plane ride.
     Richard  Bach, a former Iowa Air Guard pilot, has said his
best-selling book about a free-wheeling seagull was inspired by
Mr. Livingston.
     Johnny  Livingston,  as he was known, moved many years ago
from Iowa to Florida. He was one of the  country's  top  pilots
during the barnstorming days of the nineteen-twenties and thir­
     From  1928  through  1933,  Mr.  Livingston  won  79 first
places, 43 seconds and 15 thirds in 139  races  throughout  the
country,  many  of  them  at  Cleveland. He won first place and
$13,910 in 1928 in a cross-country race from New  York  to  Los
     Mr.  Livingston leaves his wife, Wavelle, two brothers and
four sisters.




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Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 02:34 PM

Hoping, is that a diss? You know if anything I find them exciting,lol.  We've missed you around here! Welcome back :)



And no Roc, I guess I missed the heydays. Ten blogs of no entertainment in a row huh? Yeah..not a good way of keeping the blog readers wanting to come back & visit. I also feel that if MM would let go of the reins and allow us to post more links (without personal solicitations of course), it would a step in the right direction!

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Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 07:53 PM

Out of the mouth of JENKNEEE..... 



Now JEN, you know not all bloggers have the mindset of a Princess!! ;~) 

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Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 04:34 PM

I just googled "different types of blogs". There is an endless amount of advice on types of blogs and what to do to improve your blogging.

My post was more about what NOT to do. Here is another type of blog that isn't pleasant. The "My opinion is the only one that matters and all those that disagree are idiots" type of blog. 

A recent example would be reading how intelligent a poster thinks he is and how he thinks is above everyone who believes in God or something else he doesn't believe in.  Remember this could be the guy who believes that his astrology sign means something but there is no God. 


You do not have to share my belief or views of the world but don't bash my intelligence because they are not the same as yours!  It's a major turn-off to see how you react to others but maybe I should be thanking you because your have shown your ulgy true colors.

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