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Posted on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 06:13

I don't know about the Pope thing, but all the economic mysteries are not really mysteries at all as Dakota has pointed out.


It is made clear in the movie/documentary called "Thrive". Watch it free on YouTube. The first part is about free energy and the economic stuff starts about 35 minutes into the film. Be sure to watch the economic stuff. VERY interesting and gives the viewer lots to think about! Plus the end of the movie gives us hope. Do watch it with an opened mind for possibilities you never thought of before.......... BeWell........;-D

BeWell and wishing you only the best ! ..................;-D

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Posted on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 00:28

My pet peeve is calling our country America, it is the United States of America (no longer United for the most part), just had to mention it. I like having borders, they just need to be secured!

We will have a finacial collapse, how soon will it happen? Your guess Dakota is as good as mine, actually your guess may be better than mine.  Have you heard of QE3? I heard there is no deadline to it.  Obama thinks nothing of adding trillions to our debt yet is any of it something good such as better roads, more power sources like solar and wind,etc., real jobs where the pay can sustain a household,etc.etc?

Our credit rating went down, we are not the nation we once were. We are way down in education while the music industry is creating little monsters. We will just drug them and watch them hit puperty at 9 years old, no more innocence for our new generation.


Everything just about makes you sick. From the vaccinations that will not save you (speaking in general terms here, people)  but will harm you, to the floride in the water to the hormones in your dairy and some meat,  to the air you breathe.  Don't you see that Autism is climbing and cancer and heart disease and mental illness is a huge problem that can come from what we ingest and breathe in and are vacinated with?  Of course there are correlations.


Lol, yeah, I know I'm risking coming across as something, oh the word paranoid comes to mind but I only state facts and then  there is the speculation,it  is something we as concerned citizens have to do.  It is too easy for some to mock prophecies and speculation but do as you will, I will expect it.  If I enlighten one person then I have succeeded here.

I am extremely private and do not want anyone or anything recording my movements or conversations nor will I enjoy getting groped by the TSA.  I don't consider it a laughing matter although I understand people making light of it, including you Dakota. We have to laugh, at the same time, know what is the truth.  A great book to read- George Orwell's 1984, it may be fiction but that fiction is becoming our reality.  The Thought Police is in the NDRP, you have a thought,.. you may be indefinitely detained. Take a few minutes to watch the two videos, they will help inform you.


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Posted on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 23:48

Obama and his Executive Orders, do you know any of them?  This is where he bypasses Congress and writes and signs his own laws into effect.  He warned us in his second acceptance speech that he will have "Excecutive actions" , he has and he will. Your homework needs to get done on these orders cuz they aren't annoucing them on the evening news!!   Transparency from Obama?  No, no transparency.

Do you know the NDAA, what about the NDRP? I consider them the one, two punch from Obama although he is continually hitting us with them.  I've included one or two videos regarding the NDRP. It is solely Obama and his administration's fault that a certain, very important part was in the NDRP and that is including US citizens to be detained without any trial for an indefinite length of time. Would you ever imagine that you, being a US citizen could be detained for however long our dictator deems with no trial?  I thought other countries did this, other dictators have, Adolf Hitler comes to mind.


Video title: Obama Justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians !!!



Next is a very important, short video that the administration asked to remove section 1031 that stated US citizens would not be subject to detention.



Article title:Op-Ed: Obama's Executive Order, business as usual?   *About the NDRP, the Executive Order that can take anything you own in PEACETIME, NOT just in Wartime. They can instill a draft and from what I've heard, they also use you if you have some special skill without compensation. I have not found the proof of the skills without compensation as I'm typing this.  I used to have an extensive cyber library of a lot of info, it got permamenently lost :(



These 2 Executive Orders are only two in a long stream of wrongs created by Obama. Feel free to add more.


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Posted on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 21:19

Okay, I say let's make sure the next pope is 5 years old or less, that way we play it safe.


You know I love Obama, he's my favorite Prez ever...are you listening telephone poles.  Why do I all of a sudden feel sick...must be the Chemtrails.


In all seriousness,  America will see difficult times, not from drone, telephone poles, chemtrails, or aging popes but rather from keeping a bad financial house.  To keep it short, this is how it will play out.  China has kept the Renminbi pegged to the dollar at a artificially low rate, not allowing it to float.  This allows China to supply cheap labor.  U.S. companies capitalize on the cheap labor and cheap products.  Dollars flow into Chinese business.  The Chinese government exchanges/confiscates the dollars from the companies in exchange for Renminbis.  The Chinese government now has trillions of dollars at it's disposal...which is what it wants since it is the world's currency.  Therefore, China can now purchase commodities with dollars.  For a long time China was investing in US debt but they came to realize that their investment was not very good since the US is printing dollars, thus diluting the dollar's buy power.  So  ,in my opinion,  China has started to play a new game.  I believe China has been buying Gold.  Gold is a pillar of stability and wealth for thousands of years.  So if China can show some sort of Gold standards behind it's currency, then it can call for the removal of the dollar as the world's currency.  And in fact, China has already said that the dollar no longer should be the world's currency.  If the dollar is removed as the world's currency then you can expect that the living standard of a huge number of Americans will drop substantially.  Everything will cost more and Chinese will then be living like Americans.  The only positive is, this would create jobs for Americans (more things made in America if we remember how) but the jobs would be low paying.


Unless something changes expect a financial collapse of America probably many times larger than the Great Depression.  In large cities people will be starving and suicide will be a normal daily event as people try to escape their misery.


America is a unbelievably strong nation so I think it will take time for these events to happen.  Some have predicted as early as 5 years.  I say 15-20 years.  Let's pray things change.

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