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Posted on May 18, 2006 at 11:04 AM

Well My name is Sabrina. I`m 18 years old. I`m from the Westside of Chicago. I am an independent woman. I`m not a Gold digger. I see gold diggers as weak people. Rather male or female. I hate to even ask my mother for money. It shows that you are dependent. Being dependent makes me feel vulnerable. I have no respect for people who are dependent. It`s really not that hard to go out and a get a job or find a house/apartment. You have to have it set in your mind that you want to do. You shouldn`t do it because your parents forced you too. Being a black woman is hard these days. I have to maintain my sanity. I have to go against all stereotypical bullshit that comes my way. You know, the biggest stereotype that is for blackwomen is...WHY DO BLACK WOMEN HAVE BAD ATTITUDES? I don`t have an attitude. I was brought up to expect a man to be strong and for me to be the back bone he needs so he can excel through life. I don`t have an attitude. I am outspoken. Don`t try to classify me into the same category of women who messed up your life because that isn`t me.

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