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Posted on Jan 27, 2007 at 03:07 AM

I guess in life we all have hard ships we try to understand I always try to be honest whit who I am and try to understand "my fellow man" if you were to say that. It is hard sometimes when you think about the actions of others and wonder why they didn't do that action differently or do it your way and that thought makes you angry and in the end causes you hardships. I know in this game of life we all make mistakes and we all must deal with he consequences of those mistakes no matter what the out come may be. But for me I take these hardships and these consequences of my action as the tools I need to improve upon my self and to hopeful help others with what I have learned. I know what your all thinking you are probably all thinking What has caused me to write my blog this way. And a lot of it is due to the stress in my life of a ill family , A sister who is being controlled, A brother who thinks he is god, and a father who had lost his way but found it again and is wanting redemption for all the wrong doings in his past As I told my mother this morning through tears and screaming (we had a fight) Every thing happens for a reason, but it?s not fair if you don?t share your burden with me ( my grand Mother who is ill) I share every thing with her she know about my Love life ( or the lack of it currently) she knows about my work, My school, my finical hard ships but she won?t share with me on How she is scared that Her mother with never make it home or that she will be left along in those last hours of her mothers life to take care of her. So in that respect she is unfair, she wants me to have my life to live but hw can I live if I know she is suffering do to watch My Grandmother, Her mother, slowly deter ate from our lives. I was there at 16 when Grandfather, Her father passes away and I want be there for her now to allow her to cry and to share with me her feelings about what is going on but yet she dose not and in that it is causing anger, stress, and hardships not only for her but for me, my brother and my sister, But we as adults that have our own lives can only do so much or as much as one person allows. Hardship and understanding, I am guessing it is along like good and evil, Yin and yang they balance each other out and in the end Help a person to become strong and they can pass that strength on to future generations

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