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Posted on Jan 28, 2007 at 03:03 AM

In life we all have wants and desires must is the desire of the flesh the desire to want, to hold to love, to possess and it becomes an obsession a strong hold as passion For lovers. I am only human and have desires like son may others but sometimes my desires are not meet My heart beats and aches for the things I want but can not have It aches for the things I see but can not touch It aches for me and wanting to be whole It looks for it?s perfect match It looks for the one who will not hurt it again We all fear hurt but yet we desire love and companionship We desire to be whole and to be free if just for a moment We desire for tranquility and every thing we could possibly need It is a dark desire it is part of the darkness with in us that some times allows us to do wicked things or thing we soon regret I am only Human and I too have a dark desire , a wickedness to be touched, haled, loved and conquered over. But then there is that part of us that is pure and is scared of the wants and desires It is scared of the new world around it self it is scared of losing something once it is found And it gives us strength, Hope and courage at times to face the darkness and shed a light On it to embrace it so we become balanced some stay innocent after looking in to the dark cause they are frightened at what they see or do not wish to embrace it And those that do some of the change sometimes for the better and others not for the best The darkness in our mind the desires we have, feel, want, change each one of us And sometimes it continues to change us over time and only time will tell With our Dark desires with Our hearts Our Wants, or longing to be complete ~ this came to me after a talk I had at work with a co-worker about relation ships that don?t work out in the work place and how the Co-workers, Team members or cast some time make it hard for one to continue working at there place of employment she asked me what I thought about it and I told her the above and that if two people who work together and goes out to have a relationship and it dose not work out they must be mature adults to leave the other be and not be spiteful or petty and then the who Dark desires inspired me I still wonder about it , can it be that with these Desires to have a mate, a lover, A husband, wife, ect part of the darkness that witch we embraced forever changing our destiny? Can it Be that with Our Desires and Heart on the line we are willing to risk it all for just a moment? And will it always remain as such a dark desire?

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