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women who had hysterectomy and sex Posted on Fri, Sep 22, 2006 00:51
I had recently had hysterectomy. I am wondering, do any of the lovely ladies here, who had hysterectomy, find any changes to your sex life or emotions etc after the operations? Hellosweet
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Your experiences with people with disabilities. Posted on Sun, Aug 06, 2006 01:15
Hello everyone I have a disability. Can anyone tell me of your good/bad dating experiences with people with disabilities. Disabilities can be in all form including blind, deafness, paraplegic etc. I have no problems with people from all walks of life but when it comes to meeting with a guy (with no disabilities) with a view to more than friendship it doesn't seem to get anywhere. I have seen few of the guys I met found their love ones with no disabilities, which is frustrating for me I must admit. Few people say I should find someone with similar background as myself but this is like you should find someone of similar culture. Others say it takes time to find the right man to accept you for what you are. Unfortunately I have seen profiles of some guys saying they are looking for a lady etc's what's inside that counts..etc etc. Sometimes it's not true, cos they are looking for what you have, like, whether you are a millionairess (then they maybe after you for money) or have a disability (then they may not be after you who are not perfect). So tell us on your thoughts and/or experiences on this.