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Posted on Tue, Jun 27, 2006 16:21

Okay so this is my first blog. As I was chatting this evening I came across a person who I won't mention and as I read their profile I could see that this man was not very tall and throughout his profile he bashed women who require tall men. Well, I actually felt bad for him and understood where he was coming from. My only problem was that I felt he was very rude in his post. I decided to email him. I thought that I politely told him that I understood what he was saying about height and that everyone should be equal. I also mentioned that I felt that his profile was a little rude and maybe if he reread it, he would see that it came across very strong. Maybe he just wrote it when he was having a bad day. Boy was I wrong! I got an immediate response that said "IT CAME ACROSS RUDE BCAUSE THAT WAS THE WAY I WANTED IT TO BE." Am I crazy or is this person just a little strange? I was seriously just trying to be nice. I don't think people should be judged for money or looks. I know that on my profile I put a height but that was just soemthing I like, it doesn't mean I would never go out with someone shorter or taller than that.

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Posted on Wed, Jun 28, 2006 23:14

Well this is a topic that has a lot of controversy. But as i am very particular in that area i thought i would be a good person to answer for one side of the coin. First off we are not all equal when it comes to looks and height. I know some women who have no problem with dating/marrying someone shorter. More power to them. But there are more people who "prefer" someone taller. Someone who fits with heels as most women wear them. I will not go out with someone shorter. I am 6' when i walk out my door. I do not want to "tower" over someone. I do not want to have to bend down to kiss someone. That is a "preference" Some guys take it very personally and it is a self esteem problem or they wouldn't get so irate. It's no different than a man who "won't date someone who is heavy. A preference. Many don't have a problem being turned down and applaud the honesty. Some get nasty which always make me laugh. We are visual both men and women and what appeals to one doesn't always appeal to another. I am complimented with a taller man and in that i prefer. This guy needs to get a grip because he'll get someone who doesn't care. There are plenty of shorter women around. If he gets offended and nasty about something so simple what do you think he does about something that really matters...???

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