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Posted on Jan 02, 2008 at 01:11 PM

I've gained strength and courage from mines and others life experiences. I'm still settling into my skin. For every new step I take I read a quote that pushes me on my way.

Here are some quotes I live by:

"Love me for me, not for who you want me to be."

"I did take the blows [of life], but I took them with my chin up, in dignity, because I so profoundly love and respect humanity." Josephine

"I'm not intimidated by anyone. Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach and a head. Just think about that." Josephine

"Beautiful? It's all a question of luck. I was born with good legs. As for the rest... beautiful, no. Amusing, yes." Josephine

What quote(s) do you live by?

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