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Posted on Jan 16, 2014 at 02:24 AM

Recently I haven't written any blog as I've been busy or not in the mood. Today I'd like to share a touching moment in daily life.

When I was waiting for the lift, a young mother and her little daughter  stepped in. Apparently they just went shopping, the mother carried several shopping bags. The 4 or 5 year old ittle girl had a colorful paper in her hands, then she dropped it on the floor and ran into the lift. Her mother scolded her:" Don't litter again. You're annoying !"  I noticed the little girl became unhappy due to mother's words, she stood quietly at the corner of the lift, then she made eye contact with me. I gave her a big smile and said: " Come on, my dear, your mum is joking. She loves you." At that time her mother also smiled at me and looked at her  in a loving way. Then they got their floor, the lift opened. When the mother pulling the girl's hand stepped out of the lift, the little girl suddenly turned to me and in a very loud voice said:" Good bye, dear aunt!" " Good bye, sweetie, have a nice day!" I said to her and  somehow got touched.

I have no kids yet. I do love kids. They're innocent, like angels. They're helpless, need to be looked after and protected by adults. So please be loving and patient to kids, as your unintentional words might hurt their tender hearts, might deprive them of happiness.

We all went through that phase of life as a kid. We are all kids. Please love and give kids due respect, which would bring a much better future.


2014 January


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