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Posted on Jan 09, 2014 at 06:52 PM

My beloved blue tophus earring lost on the bank of Qinhuai River.


The next stop was Yangzhou. In a shop on the Dongguan high street, I was surprised to spot a pair of pale blue earrings, dotted with little dark blue and orange, golden brim, in a shape of a prolonged water drop. My heart was pounding as if I bumped into an old friend whom I missed so much. I bought them immediately. The shopkeeper said there was only one pair in the shop. Although this pair of earrings was not that one I lost, the similarity of their color (pale blue) and design was somewhat a great comfort for me.


Encountering, possessing and losing one item, it seems to be a cycle and unchangeable reality of the world as well. Like human beings, items have their own destiny. I encountered them by chance, I cherished them until someday they disappeared from my life. I say nothing about it, even though I know that item has stolen my heart and is my treasure for ever. I am grateful and happy with the transitory possession, as it warmed and ornamented my life, like the fireworks.

2013, May

Life is a piece of dance. You need to find the right partner to make it beautiful.
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