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Posted on Jan 09, 2014 at 06:50 PM

Two: Small Porcelain Bowl

In 2013, in Hokkaido, Japan. One day I was shopping in a small shop, suddenly several small flower bowls caught my attention, white blossom of sakura depicted on the whole pale red porcelain bowl, refined shades, tasteful design and good quality, like the artworks. I picked up one to hold in my hand. I liked it so much that I wouldn’t put it down. I bought a pair of bowls, one pale red and one pale green, then left happily. As soon as I went back to the flat, I filled the bowls with water, put in the colorful stone necklace I bought in Beijing. In such a way it looked exquisite, sakura blossoming in the clear water, plus colorful crystal-clear stone necklace sparking. I placed the bowls on the desk, really a feast to eyes.


After I returned to China, small flower bowls stayed on my desk as usual. When tired of reading, I would look at them for a while, then in a mood as delightful as sakura and got refreshed.


I moved from Changchun to Hangzhou, then to Shanghai due to career change. During this period, my baggage became less and less, especially the law books for my Ph.D remain few, while small flower bowls I kept all the time. In 2012 from UK back to China, I posted my baggage from Shanghai to Shandong. Postman checked the cases and informed that porcelain wasn’t allowed to post and I had to take them out. Unluckily, I forgot where the bowls were put, as I rushed to weigh the cases and paid postage (there were 8 cases and other customers waited in the queue). Until I received the cases in Shandong, I found my small flower bowls were gone. It was a blow.

I lost my lovely small flower bowls. I fantasy one day I could come across bowls exactly alike.


Three: One Earring

In the spring of 2006, in Paris, France. Every day on my way to University of Paris I (Sorbonne), I took the opportunity to enjoy the glamour of French women passing by me in the street, at the underground, sitting in the open café, or stepping out of the building nearby. They hurriedly passing by, I barely caught a glimpse, which was a surprisingly pleasant experience. In my view, the secret of French ladies’ charm is their natural elegancy and good taste for dressing, regardless of how old they are. Bestowed with a nice figure, high and slim, most French females have a model style, easy to be glamorous via smart dressing. The most common clothes such as a shirt, a plain cotton skirt, even sweater and plimsolls could play magic on them, which turned into a fascinating scene, lighting up the street. This was the power of beauty, silent but overwhelming, I was carried away by it.


I always appreciate the spirit of fashion. It is not a sexy thing, but an attitude towards life, namely, love life and enjoy it to the full. Life never lacks of beauty and joy, but rather lacks of eyes to discover it and hearts to feel it. In my spare time, I often lingered at crafts shops in Paris, which was an enjoyable pastime. One day I saw a pair of tophus earrings, the long silver chain embellished with three tophus, like three pale blue water drops, the top one smallest and the end one largest. Seven unequal-sized crystals lined up with the chain casually but chicly, with a pale red one among them. I gently picked up earrings, the crystals slightly swaying and shining in the mild beam of the noon. It was appealing, pale blue, transparence and pale red mixed up perfectly, a quite good match with my black hair. I liked them very much and paid immediately.


This pair of earrings had been worn until I had a tour to Nanjing in the December of 2012. Impressed by the reputation of the night scene on Qinhuai River, I went there in the freezing cold. Despite it was 8 clock at night, the walking street along the river was crowded, hustle and bustle. Tasting various local specialties, watching colorful lanterns and lamps, I had a wonderful time and strolled around up to 10 clock. When waiting for the underground, I found one of my earrings was gone. I recalled that I pulled wool cap down to cover my ears for several times due to the chilly weather. It was likely that one earring was hooked by the wool cap and then fell to the ground when I walked along the river bank. The next day I rushed back and looked for it thoroughly. However, where could I find my earring on such a large tourist zone? I felt frustrated but had no other choice. My bel

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