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Posted on Jan 08, 2014 at 06:15 PM

As a Chinese saying goes: You should be self-independent at the age of thirty; You should have no confusion over life at the age of forty; You should be aware of the destiny at the age of fifty. Of course, in this traditional Chinese cultural context "You" refers to the male, while social roles of the female are missing.

Today female adults are liberated from housework and grow into an important social force. Under this circumstances, the Self-Independence of 30-year-olds gains new significance. For women, it means economic self-independence and spiritual self-independence. The scene is like dancing in the wind, freely and delightfully.

Your purse determines your status both at home and in the society. It sounds a bit cliche that The economic base determines the superstructure but it is the case, and it doesn't conflict with the principle of Everyone is equal before the law. There are numerous examples to demonstrate it. In civil law, the evolution of the concept of civil subject is linked with the development of the institution of the ownership of property. According to ancient Roman Law, the Father was dominant in the family and owned the property, his offspring had no right to claim the ownership. In modern civil law, the right to claim ownership is the implication of being a qualified civil subject (there are exceptions for minors and the limited-capability persons, but they still can benefit from certain acts like donation). Of course, having the right to claim property and literally owning property are two different matters. As for women, they were not be treated as civil subjects in the early days, and until after the bourgeois revolution did they begin to enjoy equal rights as men in the society. 
Besides natural association with the social role of women, economic self-independence is an  important factor in family relationships as well. Being financially dependent on the husband, the wife tends to lack sense of security and exposes herself to the possible risk of being a puppet. No matter how sweet the honey-moon is, the equilibrium of relationship is easy to break in the long term.

The sense of ego is the secret weapon of female charms, the source of loveliness.

According to the Bible, Eve was created by God to accompany Adam. In Chinese version,   Goddess used the clay to create mankind. Anyway, the difference doesn't matter. The important thing is that females have appeared on the historical stage with a new identity, an independent existence and an attractive creature. 

However, the establishment of many institutions such as the same pay for the same work, no gender discrimination and so on cannot be taken as the promises of a happen life to females.  For them, a happy life only exists in the dream but never realised.

The question is what does happiness mean and where can you find it? The answer is Happiness lies in your heart. When you stop sobbing, wipe away your tears, look at the running world around you and learn to appreciate it, you will surprisingly find a new world, a marvellous world. You will smell the fragrance of flowers, hear the cheerful twittering of birds, feel the warmth of sunshine, etc. You will catch every touching moment and keep them in mind, reminding yourself the goodness of the life. No longer relying on him like a vine climbing on the wall, no longer being anxious about his affection to you, you learn to enjoy life, enjoy every day. Unconsciously, you are wearing a big smile now, radiant and irresistible charming.

At the age of thirty, you gain deeper understanding of the world than before, have more insights into the life; you are calm to face the challenges of the fate, bear more courage to fulfil the responsibility you are expected of. 

27 June 2012, Cambridge

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Life is a piece of dance. You need to find the right partner to make it beautiful.
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Posted on Jan 09, 2014 at 07:44 PM

Thanks for your attention.

If I were fake, I wouldn't have no date/boy friend for 8 years (the end of my profile tells the reason). Is it possible for you?

Glad to be confident other than arrogant. I'm cheerful by nature, sorry for that. Maybe you can feel better, if you are open-minded and not rush to judge people without knowing the truth?

Supposing I were rumored by involvement with an "important figure", while I have no nice face of plastic surgery, no huge breast. Don't you think I should be confident, considering i'm worthwhile of being gossiped for 4 years while actually I have no date for 8 years?

Just kidding!

Good day!




Life is a piece of dance. You need to find the right partner to make it beautiful.
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