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Posted on Jan 08, 2014 at 06:13 PM

Finding a husband should be like eating salmon, every day facing it but never get bored with. HaHa.         ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​       27 June      ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​       

16 June, Sex equal to love?
Just now I watched a Hollywood love story, as always, a happy ending. it sounds a bit cliche, anyway.

To be honest, I don't believe this would be the case in realty. It shocks me not for the dramatic feelings, but its claim that the best way to express your love is sex. 
As usual, the more I am longing for true love, the more possible I ignore the sex. But now I have to admit  I'm out-of-date, I feel puzzled. 
All the modern films treat sex as the  prologue of relationship. Is sex equal to the love? I don't know. Maybe this is a classic question, like the one about chicken and egg. Does the love spark ignite our passion, or the satisfaction of desire convinces us of the affections?
Maybe both cases are true. 

For me, passion should be the fruit of affection, I mean, technically.  Sometimes instincts do play a role in the relationship, but this type of relationship won't go far. The reason is palpable that we don't spend all the time in bed, instead most of the time we dress up and keep calm. A good match of characters and personalities is vital to the sound relationship, I suppose.

17 June
Tonight I chanced to watch a film, Perfume: A Story of Murder. Several years ago I read the novel of French version. Only finishing the first chapter I dropped it, as the scene was horrible and the darkness of that age held me back. 

The plot is not as pleasant as the fragrance. Obsessed with the scents in the world, the man experiments to make the best perfume by killing girls to collect their body aromas. 

Gifted in the sense of smell, grown up in the salvage and hardship, no family affections, no education, he is a primitive man, a unique creature. The only thing he knows and concerns is the scent, through which he gets to know the world. For him, smell is the soul of the existence. 

I don't like the theme, it's too dark, too desperate. I don't know how the author made up this story, even doubt what his intention was. The turbulent society of those days sets the backdrop, its poverty, crime and grime are shocking. 

18 June
Today I watch True Love: Nick. 

What a dilemma! Maintaining the balance between family commitments and irresistible affections is like treading a string in the air. You have no choice but to make an option, no matter it is right or not, always a ruthless one to both sides.

Love, deeply-rooted in our nature , is doomed to be the eternal theme of human society. This is the magic of heart, the amazing chemical reactions in human body, the marvellous feelings of each other. As well as enjoying the fabulous pleasure of love, we suffer all the biting emotions provoked by it such as desperation, jealousy and sadness.

Day by day, we see love stories putting on across the world, in comic or tragic endings; generation after generation, we have no knowledge of guaranteeing love fresh to pass down. We try and error but never find the solution. 

Anyway, I like the background music, a touching melody, properly depicted the atmosphere.

True Love : Paul
Bored with the house-bound wife and noisy baby, he spotted a young woman on the way to work.......Finally, he found he was deceived for money, then back to wife.
The same story happens again and again. 
I am speechless for it. Maybe people (especially the husbands) don't know to cherish what they own until they lost them ?

19 June, True Love : Holly

Unexpectedly, I am moved by the affections between the two girls.
Maybe what they long for are the comfort, the tender, the understanding from each other.
Sometimes we are defeated by the loneliness, fancy someone beside you to share with your moods, to accompany you.

They are brave to challenge the convention, to face the world. I can kind of understand them. Maybe we should be tolerant to them? 

19 June,  True Love :Sandra
Age cannot block our feelings for love. Love is not the privilege of the youth.
The middle-aged people still need love to nourish their lives.

8 June
Today I wore a 旗袍(QiPao,  mandarin gown) to attend the Holy Trinity Church services. One Indonesian church-friend said:" You're wearing a Chinese dress!" " Not exactly," I corrected him slightly. 

In fact,  QiPao originated from the traditional costume of Man People(满族), one of 56 ethnic groups in China. Several hundreds years ago, Man nomadic tribes who lived in the northeast of China, famous for horse-riding skills, established Qing Dynasty(清朝),the last feudal regime in China's history.  Consequently, mandarin gown replaced Han gown (of Han People) to become the national dress. However, at that time, mandarin gown was different from modern QiPao , for example, big sleeves,etc. 

During the period of 民国(the Republic of China from 1912-1949) QiPao gained its name, when the modern style formed and became a fashion. Compared to the traditional mandarin costume, it is close-fitting, perfectly displaying the curves of females and the sleeves are snug or without sleeves. Now its shape is similar to modern western dress except for the collar and hand-made buttons. 

Why QiPao is considered as the traditional Chinese dress by so many foreigners?
The reason is simple. Prior to 民国( the Republic of China from 1912-1949), Chinese females had little chance to go abroad, due to feudal culture and the isolation political policy. Since then, more and more Chinese people have visited other countries, including many females, of course, who usually wore QiPao, as it was daily dress and beautiful. Unlike western gowns, QiPao has an oriental charm, a good match to the figure and appearance of Chinese women. It boasts the best way to display the glamour of a Chinese lady. It is somewhat ex

Life is a piece of dance. You need to find the right partner to make it beautiful.
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