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Posted on Jun 04, 2006 at 08:31 AM

Why did my mom choose the title that she did? Well....could be that I'm always up to something!....escaping the seatbelt (my Houdini routine), drinking her coffee (not that I need more energy!), chasing deer ( I turned tail on that one), barking ferociously at the policeman who came to our door last nite because mom set off the alarm off- couldn't remember her password- and she had to show her license to prove that we weren't burglars! But the funniest thing yet was when she was slugging vitamins down her throat this morning-she almost took one of my tranqulizers! Now all you dog lovers out there.... before you get in an UPROAR-yes they were prescribed by my vet, because in my zest for life I am quite hyper and the doc's orders are no running/ jumping for a month due to shoulder surgery (yes I'm fine now)oh-I could go on and on....I'm not sure who's teaching whom in this game of life-but we're getting there!

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