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Picture update for all you kind gentlemen. 123 Views 09/16/06
Alot of men on this site tell me that when woman post pictures of themselves, the photo's are about ten years younger than when then they really are. I don't know the truth of this but my photos were actually taken 9-15-06. I still feel as young as I felt when I was thirty and most guys tell me I still look very young for creeping up on 43. Good luck to all of you outthere.
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Too many to choose from!!!!!! 735 Views 04/24/06
Why is it so hard for a good woman to get a date from these single's sites??? This is my opinion..... A guy writes to you and keeps writing for a couple days and then out of the blue he stops. It's like shopping in a mall to some of these men. Example: Going to the mall and picking up a piece of clothing that they like, after they walk along for a while longer, they put that clothing back on the rack because they have found something more liking. To me, it seems like this online dating is a no win situation because there are thousands of profiles to choose from.It may very well be overwhelming.
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