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Hot tub date? (to the ladies) Posted on Wed, Jun 29, 2011 06:32
I posted this blog a few years back. Got some interesting answers. Lets see what a few years changes! So it's the third date. We are at my house and the hot tub is bubbling! Do you: a, go to the bathroom, get nekked, cover yourself with a towel, and sneak back into the tub? b. just jump in still wearing that little black number? c. strip to you undies and get in? d. just strip off and slide in? e. go home?
Pool Party Posted on Fri, Nov 10, 2006 01:11
I just had my last pool party for the year. The water was great. It's interesting how many folks come to a pool party not wearing a swim suit and get upset when they get wet! What would you wear to a pool party?
The Other Bathtub Test..... Posted on Mon, Sep 25, 2006 05:09
Ok, so the date went well. We get back to my house and maybe we're a little tipsy. I suggest hopping into the spa. Do you: a. find a towel, keep covered and sllide in still wearing your underwear? b. walk into the spa room in your 'already packed' swimsuit? c. slide in, still wearing that small black number? d. take it all off and jump right in?
Tea or Coffee Posted on Fri, Sep 15, 2006 05:52
First thing in the morning. Tea? if tea, with or without milk? Coffee? Anything else? I'm a tea drinker. Milk and sugar please. Guess it's my West London upbringing. Hard to find real tea drinkers here in Florida.
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To Loves2Giggle Posted on Fri, Sep 15, 2006 05:48
yes yes only on Sundays no she wouldnt let me heck no it's too sweet only if my ex is 1000 miles away too early a banana? and on and on and on!~
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Clothes that make you go... mmmmmmmm Posted on Sat, Sep 09, 2006 13:36
This is to the younger folks. Well, I guess the older ones too. I'm in my 40s. I like a woman in traditional sexy clothes. Stockings, heels, lace or satin bra and panties. Now all the younger gals are wearing thongs, low rider pants. What are your thoughts on how women dress to seduce their men? Juat a footnote. There are women who shouldn't be wearing thongs!
Central Florida Blogers Posted on Sat, Sep 02, 2006 15:43
How many blogers in Central Florida would care to get together? I have a house with a nice big pool and would love to have a party. And if the party was all strangers looking to meet people it could be fun. Trying to get 50-50 girls guys.
Fun Splashy Blog Posted on Thu, Aug 17, 2006 06:05
So, last year I had a party and rented a small dunk tank. Most of the people there took their turn. My question is, what did you wear to the last party you attended, and what would it look like after you took your turn in the dreaded tank! Some folks just looked wet. But some looked very sexy! We put five bags of ice in before we started! It was cold! But the pool was warmer!
After making love............ Posted on Thu, Aug 03, 2006 08:07
After making love I go to the bathroom and bring my partner a warm wet washcloth. Something I learned from my ex. What do you do to please your partner after making love?
MLS vs CHELSEA in CHICAGO Posted on Wed, Aug 02, 2006 16:15
Anyone going to the big MLS vs Chelsea game this weekend in Chicago? I'm flying in from Orlando, meeting my buddy from San Antonio. We're both soccer, women, car lovin' divorced Brits! Would lovge a date, or just some fun company Saturday night, after the game.
Not so perfect bodies Posted on Sun, Jul 16, 2006 04:18
So, I met this woman at Starbucks. We'd been chatting for a week or two and decided to have coffee. I was there first. She showed and looked pretty good. But, as soon as she saw I was a little cuddly she made excuses and left. Even though her profile, and the vibes she sent online and on the phone said she wasn't looking for Mr Athletic. I'm not fat by a long score. But it's been a while (20 years) since I had a six pack. How many women want Mr Perfect? Do you picture yourself on an island with the guy in the picture above? And to the guys. Do you feel intimidated when you see a discription on a profile saying Athletic?
Web Cams? Posted on Sat, Jul 15, 2006 04:35
Has anyone had good, bed. wierd experiences with web cams? Ever done something you immediately thought "shouldnt have done that!"..?
Skinny Women. good or bad? Posted on Thu, Jul 13, 2006 04:08
Is it me or are we tired of these skinny boney creatures that are on all the magazine covers? I've always loved curves on a lady. It's what eye candy is for me. Guys, or girls, any thoughts?