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The "S" word Posted on Oct 17, 2016 at 07:58 PM

  Yesterday, my [now ex] favorite weather channel used the "S" word. I instantly thought the "F" word.


   This morning I woke and said the"F" word, a couple of times. Off to the shed, it's time here to dig out the winter gear. Boots, bunny boots, gloves, extra gloves, insulated mittens, xxl polar fiber coat, arctic insulated bibs, 40 count of toe warmers, beanie hat, Elmer Fud hat, -20F polar fiber mummy bag, tarp. It was easy to find, it's only been in there a couple of months it seems.


  Well, back to making my hot paraffin and cardboard fire sticks, can't have to many of them.



    /// Note to self: If my brain it so large and a goose has one so small, will I ever learn to be as smart as a goose :-]

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Look who's back___still with fish on his mind Posted on Oct 11, 2016 at 11:50 PM

  HIGH to all my blogger friends that I've not seen in around 10 months now,,,geezz, my pots not that good [or is it].


 HIGH to all the bloggers that pop into this one.


I truly hope everyone is well. Doing fine up here. My Zen is at an all time high and my yeng is yanging in harmony with each other. The woods and I are bonding nicely and they have shared greatly with me, mostly in terms of firewood and berries, low bush cranberries, tart enough to pucker you right up enough to win a kissing contest, they're that tart! 27F at night for the last 10 days, that frost gets them berries making juice, 55F is about as high as we're getting in the day and we're losing that, next week it's into the 40's for a high.


  Ken [silverlion] HIGH Ken, gave me a nudge, privately he wants me back on the campaign trail, I say free pot and hot cholocate [made with real coco power and honey] for all those who want it. It's working for me :-]


The dust is falling off my shoulders as I try remembering how to blog. Any other dusty bloggers still out there?


                             When it comes to fishing, the only way to do it is to go BIG or go home!

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2 Seconds Posted on Dec 21, 2015 at 09:19 PM

  It may not seem like much but Hallelujah!!!  Tomorrow there will be 2 more whole seconds of daylight. I'm going to get up early just so I don't miss them.


  I'm down here in South Central, the Kenai Peninsula. Those folks up in Point Barrow [around a 1,000 miles North of me] won't even notice. For them, sometime in March the sun breaks the horizon, schools shut down for that but for now, daylight is like having a very small light on at the other end of the hall, for a couple of hours.


  Summers comming, by the end of January it will be light here until 5pm. By the end of February, 7pm. By june 21st the only reason you need headlights while driving is because it's the law.


  2 Whole seconds, I feel better already.

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silverlion, Are you ok over there? Posted on Nov 15, 2015 at 11:40 PM

  S.L., I'm wishing you the best. I know you live in the heart of Paris. These murders happened on your doorstep and I'm hoping your not one of the dead.


  Can you just touch a quick base with us and let us know that your ok? I know you people have a lot going on at the moment.


   Best of luck to you.


It Has Not Been Posted on May 21, 2015 at 12:27 AM

  2 1/2 months that I've checked in, it can't be. The last thing I remember I was looking for the gardner for Johnny Cash.


  Mid March the weather got up to the mid 40's F and stayed like that. I even got out of my king size bed that I LOVE so much and made it to the couch. I love love love my couch! It's old style, 7 foot 9 inches long, 40 inches wide with 8 cushions to mold anyway you'd like. I've been on it for 6 weeks now, my bed is pissed.


  In the last 36 months I've been home 9 months. I leave when it's frozen and come back when it's frozen. NOT THIS YEAR.


  It was so warm that I took on building a gillnet for a friend. This one is a different style so it was Way more work than normal. The money is real good, I worked 10 feet outside my door, and I Just Love taking my really sharp knife to thousands of dollars worth of brand new netting and chopping it up. What's even better is being paid lots of money and they say Thank You after I'm done. This one is one of my finest ones yet, my fisherman will do well with this net.


   I have been to town 2 times sense January. I lived on mashed potatoes and popcorn for 2 days just because I didn't want to leave home, though steak did taste pretty darn good when I got home. Sometime in the next week or so I will leave home, go to my little boat [my fishing starts mid July for Sablefish] and repair nets to finance my little operation.


  I tryed planting a garden but 5 inches down it was still frozen so I sat in my chair and listened to my little birdies go tweet tweet [I do that a lot]. With 10 acres of untouched land I've spent a little time playing with my chainsaw but not to much mind you :-] sometimes I just curl up on the forest floor and take a nap in the afternoon. This Zen is what will hold me over when I do go to work, I really needed it as I had flogged the crap out of my last batch of Zen.


  I really hope my blogger friends are doing well, I have thought of you and knew that I should check in but I Did Not Know 2 1/2 months had gone by.



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Alaska is now the third state for Legal marijuana Posted on Mar 01, 2015 at 12:38 AM

  Yes, on Feb 24 pot became legal here. As far as I'm concerned it screwed things up. I've been smoking the stuff for somewhere around 40 years. We can now travel with 1 oz in our car, I think on the plane, on boats the Coast Guard will still get to shoot you :] [Americas war on drugs]


  Things were pretty lax up here when it came to pot. It was decriminalized [Raven vs State of Alaska] in 1974?, anyway we could have 4 oz in our homes. Now that it's legal it's 1oz, DUH! So just what the hell did we win?


  The young ones are so proud with themselves. I still think with Great Sorrow of the people in Texas who are in prison for LIFE over a roach of some of the worst ragweed that I've ever smoked. Yes, I've thought about them these last 40 years.


  I haven't paid money for the stuff for quite a long while, to many of us old dawgs that horse trade. I'd grow my own but when I leave home the ground is frozen and when I get back it is frozen.


  I'm still in search of the gardner for Johnny Cash, That's the person I want to horse trade with!!!

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Is there a Dr. in the house? Posted on Feb 16, 2015 at 01:14 AM

  I saw this online a couple of weeks ago. It was true for me. I'm interested if it is true for you. I don't want to be all alone on this :]

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Trying a new diet Posted on Jan 08, 2015 at 11:23 PM

  I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem with gaining wintertime weight then having to lose it come springtime. No longer do I fish in the winters and have been gaining weight. Come springtime and throughout summer and fall I work harder than a beast of burden.

  The first month or so is the hardest getting that extra mass moving. As time goes on I'm lighter and can get more done. By fall I'm down to a somewhat decent weight but so wore out I just lay in my bed that I miss so dearly during fishing season. Toiletries and cooking being about the only reason to leave my beloved bed.

  I'm starting to get to the age where I'm not gaining poundage but instead tonnage. This is starting to cause me some concern so I'm trying a new diet that already seems to be working. One thing about commercial fishing, to work like an animal you have to eat like a king. Wintertime I still eat like that king only now I do it differently. I now stand in front of a full length mirror, take all my cloths off, and before I'm done with my meal I'm run off by the restaurant staff.

  I'm a small town kinda guy with few restaurants but I'm sure in a larger city this would be a very successful diet for anyone interested in trying it.

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Fishing with Fishy,,,what a joke! Posted on Dec 08, 2014 at 09:10 AM

                    Hi my blogger friends, it has been awhile that I've checked in with you.


  Some may remember that I was  to go after my beloved sablefish in July of this year. A routine inspection under my deck found that I had gasoline that had been leaking. Having had as many near death experiences that I care to have, that means cut the deck out, find the problem and fix it. It is just part of boat life and it was just my turn.

Having hated my fishhold I cut that thing out as well [some of it was in the way] and I now have 2 small fishholds that I'll be very proud to carry fish in [if I ever get back out there,lol].


  I'd love to show you some pictures but I can't. I never paid attention to my PC telling me to back up my files, soooo, I am now out some 12,000 pictures [this ain't the Kodak days] and some VERY important files. I almost had it figured out then lost everything. My fishing season was spent repairing my small boat and I have been sitting at home now, licking my wounds and comming up with the idea that I'm going to have to find a JOB to get by this winter.


  I haven't worked in several years, I don't know how. 8 hour days times 5 days a week = 40 hours. I'm used to getting my 40 hours in 2 days when its time to fish. I was gone 7 months this year [at least I did the dishes before I left], my moose must think I've forgotten about them as there is no sign of them being around. Maybe the wolves are farther out in the wilderness, moose come closer to people when wolves get close. At least the weather has been mild with it raining yesterdaay and this morning. Having 5 inches of snow when I got home it may just rain off and that will save me 7 gallons of gas plowing my road. I've enough supplies to last at least 2 months.


  Having toyed with finding a "job" or "work" in the past, it was just that, toyed. This is some real crap this time, my money tree didn't take root [again] and I don't sell or pawn things, Waaa. I do however have my internet back up and running [limping], coffee and cigarettes, and you my blogger friends.


                                                                  Wishing everyone well.

90 minutes at the watering hole Posted on Jul 25, 2014 at 12:13 AM

  Hi my blogger friends and others who stop in.


              These last 3 months I've worked hard on repairing miles of nets the size of dental floss. All of this just to pay off last years fishing debt, up grade a few things on my boat and get me started in the next few days to head off to sea yet once again.


            That means there will be a new fishing with fishy blog comming soon. But for now Screw It!


I went to the watering hole armed with a couple of ice cream bars just outside of town. It was Nice to think of Nothing.


  I'm just going to share some pics from today. I hope you enjoy them.

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Home Port Posted on Dec 13, 2013 at 05:28 PM

  Hi my blogger friends. I know that I'm very late checking in, like a couple of months. Wow, I kept meaning to check in but, wellll.


  I made my ocean crossing almost a month ago and am safe on my trailer for the winter. 3 1/2 months, hundreds of miles, thousands in gasoline, ten of thousands hooks fished, and all that work just to go in the hole.


  I can.t  wait until July of next year to go after those sablefish again!


  I'm not online much these days, maybe that 16 seconds of daylight soon to come will help. After this bitter North wind  lets up I can winterize Lazy Jane and go home, mid April was a long time ago.


  I'm wishing everyone the best and I truly will  try getting online a little more often.

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Well Well Well, It's Here Posted on Sep 24, 2013 at 07:42 PM

  Yes my blogger friends,it happened again. 2 days ago this is what I woke to. With the sablefish race still going on [that's a laugh,worse in years], storm warnings every couple of days and the need for those Poor Oil Companys to have more cash that us, we have snow comming down the mountains trying to get to the waterline.




It's time to take a break for a little while, just like the old timmers are doing who are fishing the same fish as I. Being the new kid on the block in this fishery I had to put in the extra effort. Bouncy bouncy is ok if the fish are comming in but when there's water comming over the rails and only empty hooks being landed even this fishy must take a moment and think "Humm".




  It would be nice to have my car in this port but it seems that the ferry boat that could make that happen was damaged on a one of its kind on the whole planet earth part! Now a simple 100 mile drive whereas I'd recieve my car from a friend who loaded it on the ferry has turned into 150 mile drive,airfare out of Anchorage, ferry to Valdez, then drive almost 500 miles back to my boat for a couple of weeks,only to reverse the whole thing when I choose to haul out for the winter, LMAO.




                                                          I LOVE FISHING !!!




  These small coastal towns are Great for guys like me.  Past good deeds for fishermen leads to present good deeds for this fishy. I got a ride home and back, the first time I've seen my place sence leaving it mid April. Wow, my poor moose are so forlorn looking for me. Tracks everywhere but no moose [they might be lost by now :-]




  There's 150 miles of saltwater between my boat trailer and my boat with about 40 miles of it being the open waters of The Gulf of Alaska [little boats only travel in little winds]. 6 weeks of provisions for that trip [we call it "make a deer hunt out of it"]. In truth a 24 hour run is more than enough time. That's down the road somewhere. For now, this fishy is taking a break for however long.





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Fishing with Fishy.Sablefish,the most beautiful fish we have Posted on Aug 16, 2013 at 12:14 AM

  Hi bloger friends! It's been awhile. I've been Very Busy with my little boat. I have not checked in for many reasons and a lot of them are because I'm out of range,with my camera,and thinking of you once in awhile and fishing. Not being a fast typer I'll post several pictures of where I've been this last month or more. At 10 miles per hour in my little boat I burn 1.1 gallons of gas per mile and I've traveled a few hundred miles this last month.




  That is good though,those poor oil companys NEED those thousands of dollars,not me.I have now found a little patch of ocean that I hope will produce a fair jag for the next 2-4 weeks when the season to legally fish sablefish is expected to end. It's all poundage,when it's caught it's over,the race is on baby. Started July 15th,my buyer likes the few I've caught searching with my mile of groundline and 800 hooks that I fish 2 times a day,up and down.




  No more 4 day trips,I now get to do 7 day trips because of the quality of my fish. The first 4 go to those poor oil companys. The catchs are small with the fish worth lots,get lucky with a hundred hooks with a school swimming through and I'll be a happy Fishy. 4 foot seas beat me up,5 footers and I anchor the end and go hide. 10 footers for the next 2 days but it'll be nice when I go out.

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My Moose Miss Me Posted on Apr 06, 2013 at 01:42 AM

This roadtrip has been 6 weeks now.My buddy,his humans and I have had a great time and have gotten a lot done but my moose miss me.Hopefully the snow at home is not to deep and I'll be able to drive in all the way because my snowshoes are safe at home,LMAO.




Tomorrow I'll be back with my moose and we will so rejoice together!

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My buddy and I Posted on Mar 05, 2013 at 09:50 PM

  One day I'll start letting the dust settle on me.Ill get a dog then.Until then I go see my buddy and his humans once in awhile.He's 84 now and still dances like the puppy he was when we first met.

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It's Here Posted on Oct 01, 2012 at 08:48 AM

Yes,yesterday it showed up halfway down the mountains.It's time to break out those extra layers of cloths.I just love winter fishing.HaHa

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