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Animal help Posted on Tue, Dec 26, 2006 08:58
Hey everyone, I have been getting a lot of messages about problems with pets or where to get something special. I can hook you up with any animal you can get a permit to keep. If you have an animal ques. or it here or e-mail me. I will be glad to help. Frank (the Culpeper croc hunter)(my town started calling me that as soon as Steve got on TV)
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saying goodbye to you with a request for advice Posted on Wed, Dec 13, 2006 13:39
I wanted to say goodbye to everyone here that I have made friends with. I am getting off this site since in about 3 weeks I will be striped of everything I own and no one will be interested in an ex petshop owner with no money at all. My divorce was final a while back however we never completed the equitable distribution. If there is an attorney reading this that might be able to give me some advice about what happened I really would appreciate it. My attorney did not file the dicovery requested by the courts in the eq case. So on the day of the hearing the judge told my atty that he was going to file a formal complaint against him with the Va. bar assoc. and was granting the motion of the other sides atty to sanction my atty. That meant that nothing that was asked for in discovery could be talked about by my side. No testimoney, or evidence or cross examination could be done. So in fact I was gagged. The judges found as if it was a default judgement and awarded my farm, all the animals all the marital assets everything to my ex wife and I will have to vacate in 26 days so she can sell the farm and keep the proceeds. while to boot I will have to repay her for the existing mortgage bal. when she pays it off to sell the place. So The farm(575k) the animals(140k) marital assets(120k) all go to her and I owe her the mort.(140k) and atty's fees(12k). I built the farm from raw wooded land. I worked in the auto sales industry the whole time we were married and she did not work. Some how with Va. being an equitable dist. state this does not sound fair. I know I have a malpractise suit against the firm that represented me but how do I keep from losing the farm. It is where I live and have all my animals. Any suggestions would be appreciated(but remember I am broke at this point) Hope you all find the person of your dreams but remember this is the kind of nightmare that could result. Have a great Christmas Frank
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everything you wanted to know but were obviosly afraid toask Posted on Wed, Nov 29, 2006 07:27
"Email a bunch, talk to some, meet the best prospects"...I'm on your page Frank. Sounds like what the plan was here to me. I also agree that I release information to whom I wish and when I feel the time is right. Two points for your honesty. Though it really isn't everyone's business in my book, and you should not have been made to feel you needed to elaborate here. I do not think that was fair.
Does this really work??? Posted on Wed, Nov 08, 2006 08:17
cute parrot what's his/her name?