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Posted on Jul 16, 2006 at 09:09 AM

A lot of you indicated that you want to find someone that 'completes' you... in the sense you would like to find that one person who makes you light up like a christmas tree, your toes curl up and/or your heart skip a beat. I think we all are interested in finding someone that we can have the ULTIMATE life long commitment/relationship with. If you are serious about finding someone who can make you light up like a christmas tree, your toes curl up and your heart skip a beat when they enter the room... open the door when someone knocks on it and give that person a chance -- after all, where would you be if no one answered the door when you knocked and asked for a chance?? I am fully aware that there are unethical people in the world... but let's be fair. There are sssoo many that want simply to be loved at the fullest unconditional cannot live without you level. After all, isn't this exactly what we are all here for? Furthermore, I also understand there has to be that 'attraction' and usually it is the physical that happens first. How many times have you gone out on a date and the person you were with turned out to be corn flakes?? If you get corn flakes each time you go out with someone new, perhaps it is time to change the type of people you are dating, step out of your comfort zone and open the dating arena to other types of personalities --- it could be a wild and exciting ride. Who knows, you may actually enjoy it.

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