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Posted on Apr 12, 2006 at 06:15 AM

After 15 years of computer work, and travelling 100s of thousands of miles doing IT contracts, it is time I changed careers. I've been brought on with a company as a 'Professional Driver'-which means: .......travelling 100s of thousands of miles doing Vehicle Delivery contracts-but I get to travel in style :) So don't be surprised if I pop in your neighborhood, driving a Lexus or Benz or the one latest SUVs .....don't forget to wave, I'm just passing through Oh DAMN!!! I'm stuck in Hurricane, West Virginia tonight and it has been a very long week. Since Wednesday I have routed to Atlanta, GA to Nashville, TN to Louisville, KY to Baltimore, MD back to Louisville, KY to New Jersey and now in West Virginia. Tomorrow I'm back to New Jersey again and then to Mt. Laurel, NJ followed by a couple more stops in Owings Mills MD and then to Rosedale, MD. If anybody feels like having lunch, and I'm nearby-give me a call :) John

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