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Angel Investors 19 Views 04/14/06
At the top of this website Angel Investors are listed along with millionaires, etc. Where and how can I contact these angel investors? I would like to speak to one or more angel investors but I have not been able to find them or get one to pretend to be an angel investor and speak to me. Would any of you like to be an investor in a fresh clean start in life? Thank you Desperado2002
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men and babes 79 Views 04/12/06
How many women out there like to be called Babe by a total stranger? Go ahead raise your hand. The ones of us who do not like that can keep our hands down. That shows no more respect for a woman than the man on the moon. I was called babe today and told I should change my life and start all over. All that I asked for was some money (which I will pay back) so that I could get a fresh new start on life because I am about to be displaced from where I am located. Apparently it scares men when a woman makes some mistakes and they need to borrow some money to get their lives straightened out. A man would never go to a woman to ask for money because they think it is beneath their dignity. By the way, if there is someone out there that I can borrow $200,000 from I would appreciate it, and like I said above I will repay every penny of it. Thank you very much and have a good day each one and all.
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