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Posted on Sun, Dec 30, 2012 03:45

I just believe it was a wacko with issues.  A sign of the times and the moral degradation of society.  This guy played video war games to no end and was mentally ill.  The actor Jamie Foxx got it right when he said " “We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn't have a sort of influence,”.  Children are growing up in difficult & different times, innocence is short lived...which is ashamed.  We are living in a time when common sense doesn't seem to be abundant. 


If gun control laws are put into place, all it will do is create a black market for guns.  These will be guns with no serial number.  I've question myself if large capacity clips should be restricted.  But it only takes a few seconds to drop a clip and reload, or just carry multiple weapons.  So that is not a solution.  Criminals will get guns despite any laws, it will be the honest law abiding citizens that will be left unprotected.  We've all debated this issue on MM to no end.  I even gave methods to how guns can easily be manufactured at home.  There is no clear solution as it is virtually impossible to guard against terrorism.


The only helpful solution that I could come up with in regards to schools; Is to place armed plain cloths security within the schools.  The identity of these people should not be divulged to anyone, not even other teachers.  Weapon should never be visible to anyone at any time.  They should appear to be a school administrator or teacher.  If you place uniformed guards in schools, they will be the first target of a killer.  Take out the obstacles first to complete the mission.  With plain cloths protectors, the killer will not know the obstacle and the protector will have the element of surprise. 


We must also remember that other things can be used as weapons  besides guns.  The CT murderer could have used his car as a weapon, he could have gotten on the internet and learned how to make a bomb (gasoline is readily available), he could have used poison, flown a plane into the school.  Once again, terrorism is a difficult thing to guard against.



The second amendment was put into place for 2 reason.  To protect ones personal self and to overthrow a government that has turned on it's people.


Surely to God, your conspiracy theory could not be true.  Despite how I feel about Obama, I just can't accept that theory.   George Soros is getting old, how much longer can he have left?  Proof that only the good die young.


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